• Best. Birthday. Ever.

    10/23/12 6:51 AM

    A Seattle man named Michael Henrichsen has ideas about how he might celebrate his 26th birthday this week. He hoped it would entail having Billy Idol celebrate with him.

  • How to be persuasive

    10/22/12 2:00 PM

    Communication expert Steve Gaffney sat down with Melanie and Natasha to talk about seven things that drive human behavior.

  • Doggie Halloween treats from Dogma Bakery

    10/22/12 1:53 PM

    Laura Tinter from Dogma Bakery came on the show to share special Halloween goodies for our furry friends.

  • Pippa Middleton acknowledges her famous 'bottom'

    10/22/12 12:01 PM

    Today’s peek under the pop-culture hood finds Pippa Middleton and her “bottom,” Jay-Z and Beyonce, a debate of note, many other things, and the mystery music video.

  • Adele gives birth to healthy baby boy

    10/21/12 9:10 PM

    Adele, the eight-time Grammy winner who has been somewhat secluded in recent months, has given birth to a healthy baby boy, a source tells Us Weekly.

  • The Pet Show

    10/21/12 8:52 AM

    Each week, Dr. Katy Nelson entertains and informs with her weekly pet show.

  • "Lipstick & Liquor"

    10/19/12 3:26 PM

    "Lipstick and Liquor" explores the secret world of women alcoholics in the suburbs. Emmy award-winning producer and writer Lori Butterfield and Psychotherapist Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith joined Melanie now to talk about this epidemic.

  • The 10 biggest "first world problems"

    10/19/12 3:14 PM

    Mix 107.3's Chilli Amar stopped by to talk with Natasha and Melanie about the top 10 biggest problems in the developed world.

  • Tom Hanks slips, drops F-bomb on 'Good Morning America'

    10/19/12 11:57 AM

    Today’s censorship of the pop-culture world finds uncharted territory for Tom Hanks and “GMA,” weekend box-office news, Jon Stewart greeting President Obama, Lindsay Lohan, other things, and the mystery music video.

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