• Chris Brown to remain in jail until April hearing

    3/17/14 8:43 PM

    A judge says R&B singer Chris Brown must remain in jail until a hearing in late April because he failed to remain in a court-mandated rehab program.

  • The whiskey duel from Rí Rá Georgetown

    3/17/14 3:08 PM

    A day to celebrate all things Irish isn't complete without a little Irish whiskey!

  • Irish Book Day hosted by Solas Nua

    3/17/14 3:07 PM

    March 17th may be best known as the rowdy holiday of St. Patrick's Day, but one arts organization created another holiday that brings attention to literary Irish culture instead.

  • The Pet Show - March 15, 2014

    3/15/14 11:43 AM

    This week, Dr. Katy discusses a new breed of animal rescue and
    details on a new neutering technique.


  • Chris Brown arrested, held without bail

    3/14/14 9:20 PM

    Chris Brown was arrested Friday and will be held without bail on a warrant issued by probation officials in the latest legal entanglement for the R&B singer who has struggled to put his 2009 attack on Rihanna behind him.

  • Eat4Life colon-friendly cook-off

    3/14/14 3:31 PM

    If you're curious about the signs in the DC area that say, "Love Your Butt," we've got answers for you! March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation is promoting colon-health through nutritional food.

  • National Egg Cream Day

    3/14/14 3:29 PM

    Saturday, March 15th is National Egg Cream Day! It might sound obscure, but this holiday celebrates the traditional charm of the American soda fountain...

  • Friday is Pi Day!

    3/14/14 8:34 AM

    Friday is 3-14, the day math fans unite in celebration of Pi.

  • Video: Samoas Chocolate Caramel Tart Recipe

    3/14/14 7:35 AM

    Are Samoas your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Here's a recipe that puts a creative spin on these caramel delights.

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