• Family gets hate letter suggesting they "euthanize" autistic son

    8/20/13 8:17 AM

    According to CityNews, a family and community are in shock after receiving an anonymous hate letter written about a young autistic boy.

  • CDC: Lyme Disease rates 10x higher than thought

    8/19/13 2:05 PM

    As many as 300,000 Americans are actually diagnosed with Lyme disease each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday, as opposed to the 20-30,000 typically reported every year.

  • Christie: Ease access to ill kids' medical pot

    8/16/13 11:32 PM

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie agreed Friday to give chronically ill children easier access to medical marijuana, but he was unwilling to go as far as state lawmakers wanted.

  • Help wanted: Virginia vets need blood for dogs

    8/16/13 9:48 AM

    The Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank is desperate for all breeds of dogs to become blood donors, as it’s experiencing a critical shortage in supply. The blood goes nationwide to dogs that are having surgery, experiencing trauma, or have a life-threatening disease.

  • CDC says kids will get colds 8-12 times per school year

    8/16/13 7:00 AM

    On average, the CDC says that elementary school students will contract a cold or the flu eight to 12 times every school year. That number decreases as kids get older, but officials say taking simple actions can drive that number down.

  • Florida groups get $7.8M to sign up uninsured

    8/15/13 2:22 PM

    Educating Americans about the law will be paramount for the federal government and insurers as 78 percent of uninsured adults don't know about opportunities that will be available to them in 2014, according to Enroll America, a nonprofit group sponsoring a national marketing campaign.

  • D.C. Church helps residents sign up for health care

    8/14/13 6:58 PM

    The parishioners at Brown Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church get health care classes and monthly blood pressure checkups. Now, Reverend White's church will help uninsured city residents sign up for the new health care exchange.

  • Dog Bootcamp: Man's best friend is your workout buddy

    8/14/13 10:33 AM

    It's a grueling workout for you. And an obedience lesson for your dog. It's called Thank Dog Bootcamp and ABC7's Adam Caskey got a preview of this unique exercise program on Good Morning Washington.

  • Which vaccinations do my kids need as school resumes?

    8/12/13 12:42 PM

    Tax-free holidays in Maryland and Virginia may already have students outfitted with new clothes, notebooks, pencils and backpacks, but schools nationwide want to make sure kids are also up to date with their vaccines.

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