• Risking their lives to save the victims

    9/17/13 6:27 PM

    Images of people being rescued from the roof of Building 197 are some of the most memorable pictures from the Navy Yard shooting. ABC7's Kris Van Cleave speaks with the team responsible for the rescues.


  • Homeless Boston man finds $40,000, turns it all in

    9/17/13 1:03 PM

    What would you do if you came across $40,000 sitting unguarded in a backpack? There was only one thing to do for Glen Davis, a homeless Boston man, when it happened to him. He turned it in to police.


  • Analysts: 2012 poverty rate to show slight decline

    9/17/13 9:00 AM

    The Census Bureau is releasing statistics on the poor today that are expected to contain a glimmer of optimism. Analysts predict the 2012 numbers will show the ranks of America's poor have fallen slightly.

  • Combined net worth of America's richest rises

    9/16/13 11:02 AM

    Forbes on Monday released its annual list of the top 400 richest Americans. While most of the top names and rankings didn't change from a year ago, the majority of the elite club's members saw their fortunes grow over the past year, helped by strong stock and real estate markets.

  • Four girls killed in 1963 Birmingham bombing remembered nationwide

    9/15/13 7:41 PM

    Sunday marks 50 years since a Ku Klux Klan bomb killed four girls at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala.

  • World's oldest man dies in NY at age 112

    9/14/13 9:33 PM

    The world's oldest man, a 112-year-old self-taught musician, coal miner and gin rummy aficionado from western New York, has died. Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez became the world's oldest man when Jiroemon Kimura died June 12 at age 116.

  • NY rules pet cemeteries can bury human ashes with pets

    9/14/13 4:08 PM

    New regulations will allow New York animal lovers to spend eternity with their pets. The cemeteries can bury pet owners' ashes as long as they don't charge a fee for it and don't advertise human burial services.

  • Bus overturns in southwest Ohio; 35 injured

    9/14/13 1:25 PM

    Greyhound Lines says the driver of a bus that flipped over in Ohio early today was experienced and fully rested. The company says the bus also just an inspection.

  • Publisher sues Sarah Palin's PAC over WTC photo

    9/14/13 8:55 AM

    A New Jersey-based newspaper publisher is suing Sarah Palin and her political action committee for copyright infringement over the use of an iconic Sept. 11 photograph. SarahPAC is based in Arlington.

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