• U.S. border entry fee study sparks opposition

    5/27/13 2:47 PM

    Some people are troubled by the notion of charging a fee to enter the U.S. by land. Last month, in its 2014 fiscal year budget proposal, the Department of Homeland Security requested permission to study a fee at the nation's land border crossings.

  • Sales of camp sites throw Girl Scouts into turmoil

    5/27/13 7:35 AM

    The Girl Scouts are having to do the unthinkable these days - sell off some of their Girl Scout camping sites because they've become a financial drain. Some of the camps date back to the 1950s.

  • Obama pledges nation's support for Oklahoma

    5/26/13 7:34 PM

    President Barack Obama flew to tornado-ravaged Oklahoma Sunday, offering moral and monetary support to people still reeling from lost lives and shattered neighborhoods.

  • Texas flooding sweeps woman to death; 200-plus rescued

    5/25/13 10:03 PM

    Torrential rains swamped San Antonio with flash floods on Saturday, leaving at least one person dead as emergency workers in boats rushed to rescue more than 200 residents stranded in cars and homes.

  • Thousands run final mile of Boston Marathon

    5/25/13 3:33 PM

    Thousands of athletes joined victims of the Boston Marathon bombings to run and walk the last mile of the race Saturday, reclaiming the triumph of crossing the finish line.

  • Jury foreman says life or death decision unfair

    5/25/13 8:34 AM

    In an interview Friday, jury foreman William Zervakos provided a glimpse into the private deliberations, describing four women and eight men who struggled with the question: How heinous of a killing deserves a similar fate?

  • Judge: Ariz. Sheriff Arpaio's office profiles Latinos

    5/24/13 8:58 PM

    A federal judge ruled Friday that the office of America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff systematically singled out Latinos in its trademark immigration patrols, marking the first finding by a court that the agency racially profiles people.

  • Park Service ending furloughs early

    5/24/13 3:28 PM

    National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis says the furloughs will end on June 3, after just three days off, because the agency has found other ways to offset automatic budget cuts imposed by Congress.

  • Jersey shore reopens for first post-Sandy summer

    5/24/13 12:04 PM

    Guinness World Records confirms that a ribbon-cutting to mark the reopening of the Jersey shore following Superstorm Sandy has set a new world record.

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