• Haircuts for hugs? Yes, please

    5/12/13 2:31 PM

    Barber Anthony Cymerys, also known as Joe the Barber, decided to put his clippers to work for the less fortunate after being inspired by a church sermon about the homeless.

  • Inside Washington May 12, 2013

    5/12/13 8:03 AM

    This week on Inside Washington: Compelling testimony on Benghazi—a search for the truth or political theater?

  • Holder says civilian courts best to try terror cases

    5/11/13 4:48 PM

    Attorney General Eric Holder told law school graduates of UC-Berkeley, that federal courts have shown a "robust ability to stop terrorists and collect intelligence," and that any move to limit their use would be counterproductive.

  • Americans agree about more than they know

    5/11/13 12:36 PM

    Gallup says that 7 out of 10 people say Americans are greatly divided when it comes to the most important values. Yet with a few exceptions such as issues of race and gender and views of government, opinions haven't changed much in a quarter-century of Pew polls tracking political values.

  • Bombing suspect's body buried in Virginia cemetery

    5/11/13 7:51 AM

    Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body has been buried in a Muslim cemetery in Doswell, Virginia, reports say.

  • Newtown board to debate Sandy Hook's future

    5/10/13 7:46 PM

    A taskforce in Newtown is expected to make a recommendation Friday night on what to do with the school where 20 first-graders and six educators were killed in December, according to a consultant for the town.

  • Facebook friend request from mom? Most say ok

    5/10/13 7:40 AM

    As Mother's Day approaches, 1 in 3 mothers are connected with their teens over Facebook, according to the social networking giant's review of how users self-identify.

  • Castro arraigned on rape, kidnap charges

    5/9/13 5:43 PM

    The man accused of raping and kidnapping three women, who were missing for about a decade before being found alive at his home, was ordered held Thursday on $8 million bail.

  • Baby names: King, Messiah suggest high hopes

    5/9/13 3:02 PM

    King and Messiah are among the fastest-rising baby names for American boys, but Jacob and Sophia top the list.

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