• Boy Scouts to consider allowing gay boys to join

    5/22/13 8:09 AM

    The Boy Scouts of America will convene a two-day meeting of 1,400 local leaders to consider changing its long-standing ban on allowing openly gay boys to don the Boy Scouts uniform.

  • Arias begs jurors for life in prison

    5/21/13 9:00 PM

    Standing confidently but at times her voice breaking, Jodi Arias told the same eight men and four women who found her guilty of first-degree murder that she planned to use her time in prison to bring about positive changes

  • Survey: Teens increasingly privatizing Facebook pages

    5/21/13 5:38 PM

    An increasing number of teenagers are taking steps to make their social media profiles more secure while sharing more personal information than ever, a Pew report indicates.

  • 85,000 veterans treated for sexual assault injuries in 2012

    5/21/13 12:00 PM

    New government figures underscore the staggering long-term consequences of military sexual assaults: More than 85,000 veterans were treated last year for injuries or illness linked to the abuse.

  • Obama pledges help after Oklahoma tornado

    5/20/13 10:12 PM

    The White House says Obama told the governor of Oklahoma that he's directed the government and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide any assistance she needs.

  • Arias expected to speak to jurors Tuesday

    5/20/13 4:18 PM

    Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder earlier this month in the death of Travis Alexander. Last week, jurors heard tearful comments from Alexander's brother and sister as they described how his killing has torn their lives apart.

  • SCOTUS to hear prayer in public meetings tussle

    5/20/13 12:04 PM

    The justices said they will review an appeals court ruling that held that the upstate New York town of Greece violated the Constitution by opening nearly every meeting over an 11-year span with prayers that stressed Christianity.

  • Dozens injured in Connecticut train crash

    5/20/13 8:19 AM

    Railroad officials in Connecticut say the morning commute is going as well as can be expected following Friday's train collision that that injured 72 people and has shut down service.

  • AP CEO calls records seizure unconstitutional

    5/20/13 6:20 AM

    The president and CEO of The Associated Press says the government's seizure of AP journalists' phone records was "unconstitutional" and already has had a chilling effect on newsgathering.

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