• Sandusky speaks again, maintains innocence

    3/25/13 5:48 PM

    Jerry Sandusky said in interview excerpts broadcast Monday that a key witness against him misinterpreted him showering with a young boy in Penn State football team facilities more than a decade ago.

  • Congress funds two more spy planes in Hagerstown

    3/25/13 2:49 PM

    U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski says Congress has approved $43 million to continue production of spy planes in Hagerstown.

  • National Guard send furlough notices in error

    3/25/13 10:42 AM

    The National Guard mistakenly sent out furlough notices to Guard members in 21 states, despite the Pentagon's decision on Thursday to delay the notification of unpaid time off for two more weeks.

  • Blackstone proposing to buy Dell in $24 billion deal

    3/25/13 9:02 AM

    Dell Inc. said Monday a special board committee plans to negotiate with Blackstone Group and activist investor Carl Icahn over new acquisition bids for the computer maker that rival an offer of more than $24 billion from an investor group that includes founder Michael Dell.

  • Letter carriers protest Saturday mail cutback

    3/24/13 7:25 PM

    In Arlington Sunday, letter carriers staged a protest against USPS plans to cut back Saturday service. Dozens of similar protests were scheduled nationwide. Letter carriers who spoke with ABC7 say they fear their jobs might be in jeopardy.

  • Little progress on jobs for disabled Americans

    3/24/13 11:34 AM

    According to government labor data, of the 29 million working-age Americans with a disability - those who are 16 years and older - 5.2 million are employed.

  • Saplings from Anne Frank's tree take root in D.C., US

    3/23/13 5:01 PM

    A tree that gave Anne Frank hope as the Jewish teenager hid from Nazis for more than two years is taking root at nearly a dozen sites across the United States, including Washington, D.C., in hopes of promoting tolerance.

  • Chef sentenced in boiled wife's body case

    3/22/13 6:09 PM

    A chef who told police he cooked his wife's body in boiling water was sentenced Friday in Los Angeles to 15 years to life in prison for second-degree murder.

  • Obama to designate 5 national monuments

    3/22/13 2:09 PM

    President Barack Obama is designating five new national monuments, using executive authority to protect historic or ecologically significant sites -including one in Delaware sought by Vice President Joe Biden.

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