• Mississippi, other rivers crest as floods hit Midwest

    4/21/13 6:58 PM

    Those fighting floods in several communities along the Mississippi River were mostly successful Sunday despite the onslaught of water, but an ominous forecast and the growing accumulation of snow in the upper Midwest tempered any feelings of victory.

  • Gunfire disrupts Denver 4/20 pot holiday rally

    4/20/13 8:22 PM

    Gunfire erupted at a Denver park Saturday, injuring two people and sending tens of thousands gathered for an annual 4/20 pot celebration fleeing the area, police said. Rallies were held nationwide, including outside the White House and on the National Mall.

  • Fla. runner snaps photo of suspect fleeing Marathon

    4/20/13 11:15 AM

    Seconds after the Boston Marathon bombs exploded, David Green pulled out his smartphone and took a photo of the chaos developing a couple hundred yards in front of him.

  • Attorney: Scant evidence in Mississippi ricin case

    4/20/13 10:42 AM

    Christi McCoy said after a court hearing Friday that the government has offered no evidence to prove her client, Paul Kevin Curtis, had possession of any ricin or the seed from which it is extracted - castor beans.

  • USA Today founder Neuharth dies

    4/20/13 7:46 AM

    USA Today founder al Neuharth died Friday. He also founded the Newseum in Washington, D.C. He was 89 years old.

  • Tsarnaev relatives speak out on brothers, bombings

    4/19/13 11:57 PM

    The uncle of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Ruslan Tsarni of Montgomery Village, called on his nephew to, "Turn yourself in and ask forgiveness. You have brought shame." Their father, mother, and aunt also spoke out.

  • Stay-indoors warning lifted in Boston; transit system running again

    4/19/13 7:12 PM

    Mass transportation to, from and within the Boston area was virtually shut down Friday. But by Friday evening, authorities had lifted the stay-indoors warning for people in the Boston area, and the transit system started running again.

  • Classmates say bombing suspect was on campus this week

    4/19/13 6:12 PM

    Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth this week after the explosions killed three people and wounded more than 180 others, his classmates told The Associated Press on Friday.

  • Boston bombings cast shadow over immigration bill

    4/19/13 3:14 PM

    The Boston Marathon bombings cast a shadow Friday over the start of debate on legislation to remake the U.S. immigration system, as some Republicans argued that the role of two immigrant suspects raised questions about gaps in the system

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