• Millennials changing the face of business

    2/28/12 9:20 AM

    The ball pit at D.C.’s “Living Social” office is work—millennial style.Born loosely between1980 and 2000, these members of the workforce are changing the way businesses do business.


  • WikiLeaks publishes leaked Stratfor emails

    2/27/12 7:47 PM

    Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks says it has more than 5 million emails from Texas-based private intelligence firm Stratfor and will publish them in collaboration with two dozen international media organizations.


  • Tattoos not just a fashion statement anymore?

    2/27/12 8:37 AM

    Tattoos have long served as fashion statements, but a small number of Americans are now relying on them for a more practical, potentially lifesaving purpose: to warn first responders about important medical conditions.

  • Classmate testifies in Rutgers suicide-webcam 'outing' trial

    2/24/12 6:02 PM

    The case sparked a national conversation about bullying of young gays after Tyler Clementi committed suicide days after his roommate, Dharun Ravi, webcast Clementi's intimate encounter with another man in September 2010.

  • Obama criticizes Republicans over gas controversy

    2/23/12 11:44 PM

    President Barack Obama on Thursday assailed Republicans for what he described as a flawed and dishonest strategy for reducing gas prices.

  • USPS to shrink hundreds of processing centers

    2/23/12 6:29 PM

    The U.S. Postal Service is closing or consolidating hundreds of mail processing centers as part of a cost-cutting measure. USPS will close plants in Gaithersburg, Waldorf, and Norfolk. It will shrink plants in Cumberland, Lynchburg, and Roanoake.

  • Manning arraigned in Wikileaks case

    2/23/12 2:05 PM

    Bradley Manning, accused of giving the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks more than 700,000 documents and video clips, was arraigned Thursday.


  • Americans seeking unemployment aid falls to four year lows

    2/23/12 8:44 AM

    The number of people seeking unemployment aid was unchanged last week and the four-week average of applications fell to its lowest point in four years. The figures add to evidence that show the job market is improving.

  • VOTE: Do you suffer from nomophobia?

    2/22/12 9:56 AM

    A survey put out by British mobile security company SecurEnvoy found that an increased number of people suffer from nomophobia, or a fear of being without mobile phone contact. Tell us, how long could you go without your phone?

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