• President Obama to nominate Thomas Perez for Secretary of Labor post

    3/18/13 6:36 PM

    Seeking to fill yet another second-term Cabinet vacancy, President Barack Obama is set to nominate Thomas Perez, an assistant attorney general, to be the next secretary of labor, the White House says.

  • Hillary Clinton announces support for gay marriage

    3/18/13 12:08 PM

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her support for gay marriage Monday, putting her in line with other potential Democratic presidential candidates on a social issue that is rapidly gaining public approval.

  • Should voters have to prove citizenship to register?

    3/17/13 10:11 AM

    The Supreme Court will struggle this week with the validity of an Arizona law that tries to keep illegal immigrants from voting by demanding all state residents show documents proving their U.S. citizenship before registering to vote in national elections.

  • Obama heads to Middle East with low expectations

    3/16/13 1:38 PM

    When President Barack Obama steps into the Middle East's political cauldron this coming week, he won't be seeking any grand resolution for the region's vexing problems.

  • Cities begin campaigning for presidential library

    3/16/13 9:22 AM

    Four years from the end of President Obama's presidency, Chicago and Honolulu are ramping up major campaigns to build the center that will house the records of America's 44th president.

  • Gov. O'Malley's gas tax plan runs into opposition

    3/15/13 7:41 PM

    Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is proposing a transportation revenue package to establish a new sales tax on gasoline and other measures to raise hundreds of millions of dollars a year to fund a backlog of transportation projects. 

  • At CPAC, Romney apologizes for losing

    3/15/13 4:32 PM

    "I am sorry that I will not be your president," Mitt Romney said at CPAC, taking the stage for the first time since last fall's election loss. "But I will be your co-worker, and I will work shoulder-to-shoulder alongside you."

  • Santorum hasn't changed position on same-sex marriage

    3/15/13 1:53 PM

    Former U.S. senator and one-time presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said he hasn't changed his position on same-sex marriage during the CPAC on Friday.

  • Cuccinelli gets tepid response at CPAC

    3/14/13 2:07 PM

    In an 18-minute speech the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C., Ken Cuccinelli got tepid applause when he urged conservatives to lead the way "changing the culture of corrections in America."

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