• Obama signs sequestration transparency act

    8/8/12 9:24 PM

    President Obama signed a law that requires his office to provide information on how sequestration, if enacted in January, will be implemented.


  • Federal Hot Minute July 22, 2012

    8/8/12 8:42 PM

    Government business can be lucrative but expensive to pursue. So like all industries, the investment community plays a vital role in this market.

  • Digital Government Strategy

    8/8/12 8:40 PM

    Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform To Better Serve the American People.

  • Federal Hot Minute July 1, 2012

    8/8/12 8:38 PM

    We’ve all heard about the economic challenges facing Europe. But, how will their economic problems impact the investments these countries need to make in their government technology infrastructure?

  • Obama pushing women's rights

    8/8/12 6:25 PM

    Few issues fire up the base like women's rights and health.

  • GOP not ready to announce convention keynote speaker

    8/6/12 6:45 PM

    Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin are both big names in the party believed to be among those Romney is weighing for the vice presidential slot or for the keynote address for the Republican National Convention.


  • Twitter launches political index for 2012 election

    8/5/12 9:51 AM

    The political index takes into account any mentions of either candidate's last name, as well as direct mentions to their official Twitter handles, @barackobama and @mittromney.


  • Senate panel revives dozens of tax breaks

    8/3/12 7:20 PM

    The Senate's tax-writing panel voted to renew dozens of tax breaks for businesses like biodiesel and wind energy producers, even as the GOP-controlled House passed symbolic legislation to erase them and create a new tax code with lower rates and fewer special interest tax breaks.

  • President Obama casts Romney as the proponent of tax hikes

    8/1/12 7:17 PM

    Countering the Republican argument that Obama's proposals would hurt small businesses, Obama charged that Romney's tax proposal would force many people to give up popular tax deductions for home mortgages, health care and college tuition


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