• George Allen talks with ABC7 about Senate race

    8/18/12 11:06 PM

    “These defense cuts need to be stopped,” Allen said at the VFW Hall in Dale City, Virginia. Allen’s message today was tailored to Virginia voters, and veterans aware of the importance of a large defense budget.


  • Paul Ryan stumping in Virginia

    8/17/12 6:36 PM

    "This is a state that has it all, and this is a state that will determine it all," Ryan said in Glen Allen, outside Richmond.

  • Inside Washington Aug. 19, 2012

    8/17/12 2:49 PM

    This week on Inside Washington: Mitt Romney’s August surprise—suddenly the campaign is all about Paul Ryan and Medicare. Mixed reviews from both parties on Romney’s “bold” V.P. move.

  • Romney: Obama 'running just to hang onto power'

    8/15/12 9:38 AM

    In the midst of a campaign during which attacks between the camps behind Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have increased dramatically, Romney said Wednesday that the president is "running just to hang onto power."

  • Michelle Obama: The person and the persona

    8/14/12 4:58 PM

    How much of First Lady Michelle Obama's image is real, and how much is the kind of strategy that's behind every first lady's image? Can it be both?

  • Study: Cloud computing saving agencies money

    8/14/12 7:46 AM

    A study from IDC, commissioned by Amazon Web Services, analyzed 11 organizations of various sizes and concluded that they spent on average 70% less by moving to cloud computing services.

  • House sues AG Holder over Fast and Furious

    8/13/12 12:29 PM

    The House of Representatives has asked a federal court to enforce a subpoena against Attorney General Eric Holder, demanding that he produce documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious.

  • Romney defends Ryan's Medicare proposal

    8/13/12 11:05 AM

    Romney said Democratic President Barack Obama's decision to take $700 billion from Medicare for his health care law was "not the right answer."

  • Democrats seize upon Romney's choice of Ryan

    8/12/12 3:58 PM

    Less than two hours after Romney introduced Ryan as his running mate, the Obama campaign released a 90-second Web video showing footage of the men appearing together. The ad calls Ryan the "mastermind behind the extreme GOP budget plan."

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