• Stephen Colbert preps prez run, transfers PAC to Stewart

    1/12/12 11:10 PM

    Thursday night, Stephen Colbert legally transferred his super PAC to his friend and Comedy Central cohort Jon Stewart, paving the way for Colbert to enter the GOP presidential primary in South Carolina, his home state.

  • Occupy Congress rally planned for Tuesday

    1/12/12 9:36 PM

    While the movement flickers, the protest in the nation's capital is persisting into the winter, buoyed by demonstrators who camp out on federal land in a city with a tolerant, even celebrated, history of civil disobedience.

  • Va. justices considering Cuccinelli's request for records

    1/12/12 2:19 PM

    Ken Cuccinelli, a global-warming skeptic, issued a "civil investigative demand" - similar to a subpoena - for copies of e-mails as part of his investigation into whether Michael Mann defrauded taxpayers by using manipulated data to obtain government grants.

  • Romney wins in NH, cements front-runner position

    1/11/12 1:27 PM

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, adding to a first-place finish in last week's Iowa caucuses and establishing himself as the man to beat for the Republican presidential nomination.


  • Economy easily top concern among NH primary voters

    1/10/12 11:30 PM

    As of 7:30 p.m., POLITICO was reporting Mitt Romney in the lead with 35.3 percent of the votes, Ron Paul was second with 26.8 percent and Jon Huntsman was third with 14 percent of the votes.


  • Is New Hampshire Romney's big moment?

    1/10/12 6:39 PM

    The first votes have been cast in the first presidential primary of 2012 in New Hampshire. It’s believed Mitt Romney will score another win after squeaking by in the Iowa caucuses but his rivals are still hopeful they can pull ahead.

  • POLITICO: New Hampshire primary live blog

    1/10/12 12:20 PM

    Need up-to-the-minute information on today's New Hampshire primary? Our partners at Politico are live-blogging from up north. Check out the live blog for the most recent developments.

  • Rebecca Cooper and Gordon Peterson report live from New Hampshire

    1/9/12 6:01 PM

    Greetings from New Hampshire! The sky is clear and the candidates are out in full force, stumping for ever-possible votes before the Tuesday primary.

  • Romney v. not-Romney?

    1/8/12 8:01 AM

    On ABC tonight, the expected verbal fireworks began early as GOP contestants are trying to derail the Romney express train in the first debate since the Iowa caucuses shot Rick Santorum into contention. 

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