• Isaac forces GOP to scrap first day of convention

    8/26/12 7:44 PM

    Republicans will formally bestow their presidential nomination on Mitt Romney on Tuesday night, one day later than planned, officials announced Sunday as they revised the schedule for a national convention curtailed by the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac.

  • Akin makes first Mo. appearance since rape remarks

    8/25/12 12:08 AM

    Akin held a brief, tightly controlled news conference in the St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield after returning from Florida where he had been meeting with leading conservatives as he seeks to revive his campaign against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

  • Romney: No one's asked to see my birth certificate

    8/24/12 4:31 PM

    Wading into a debunked conspiracy theory, Mitt Romney raised the issue of President Barack Obama's citizenship Friday by joking that "no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate."

  • #RNC: The latest tweets from Tampa

    8/24/12 3:34 PM

    This is your best source for all the Twitter chatter surrounding the Republican National Convention! You can also follow ABC7's Rebecca Cooper on Twitter and Leon Harris on Facebook for the latest from the RNC floor in Tampa.


  • Kaine on GMW: 'Virginians want to see something positive'

    8/22/12 8:23 PM

    Appearing on ABC7’s Good Morning Washington, Tim Kaine talked about what Virginians care about most, and how he plans to run a positive race for Virginia's U.S. Senate seat.

  • GOP calls for Akin to quit Missouri Senate race

    8/22/12 7:01 PM

    Aug. 21 was the deadline for Congressman Todd Akin to drop out of the race after comments he made about abortion created a firestorm. Despite allowing Tuesday's deadline to drop out pass, the list of Republican leaders pushing him to quit continues to grow.


  • Abortion debate shows differences of Romney, Ryan

    8/22/12 1:52 PM

    "I'm proud of my pro-life record. And I stand by my pro-life record in Congress. But Mitt Romney is the top of the ticket and Mitt Romney will be president and he will set the policy of the Romney administration," Paul Ryan said.

  • Georgetown student Sandra Fluke to speak at Democratic National Convention

    8/21/12 3:51 PM

    Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke, who gained notoriety after conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her a slut for supporting Obama's health care law requiring contraception coverage, will speak next month at the Democratic National Convention.

  • Akin apologizes about 'legitimate rape' statement

    8/20/12 5:21 PM

    Congressman Todd Akin says he was wrong in claiming that women's bodies are able to prevent pregnancies in "a legitimate rape" situation and that conception is rare in such cases.

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