• Debt Crisis: House begins debate on debt deal

    8/1/11 5:04 PM

    After the long public fight, the House Monday begins debate on the debt deal.

  • Congress to vote on debt deal today

    8/1/11 9:41 AM

    Days before a potential financial default, President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders reached a deal to reduce the nation’s debt. The agreement is expected to easily pass the Senate today, but there could be some trouble in the House.

  • Obama: Debt deal has been reached

    7/31/11 9:07 PM

    President Obama has just addressed the nation live, saying a debt deal has been reached between Republican and Democratic leaders, and government spending will be at the lowest level it has been since when Dwight Eisenhower was president in the 1950s.


  • GOP leaders say debt-limit dispute will be solved

    7/30/11 4:24 PM

    Republican leaders in Congress say they are confident that an impasse will end soon over raising the government's debt ceiling and heading off default.

  • Obama: 'This is one burden we can lift ourselves'

    7/30/11 2:34 PM

    Congress groped uncertainly Friday for a way to avoid a government default threatened for early next week. "We are almost out of time," warned President Barack Obama.

  • Inside Washington July 31, 2011

    7/29/11 5:39 PM

    This week on Inside Washington: More bickering and fighting over the nation’s debt. The giant game of chicken and terrible economic numbers put Wall Street on edge. Senator John McCain lashes out at fellow Republicans who refuse to bend. Is the deadlock putting Rep. John Boehner’s House Speakership in jeopardy?

  • Virginia politicians split over debt ceiling

    7/28/11 7:20 PM

    Two Virginia politicians expressed opposing views on a plan to raise the debt limit backed by Republican House Speaker John Boehner.

  • Boehner retools plan to solve debt crisis

    7/27/11 7:02 PM

    Six days away from a potentially calamitous government default, House Republicans appeared to be coalescing Wednesday around a work-in-progress plan by House Speaker John Boehner.

  • Three councilmembers call on Harry Thomas to resign

    7/26/11 12:57 PM

    Three D.C. Councilmembers are calling on their colleague Harry Thomas Jr. to step down.

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