• Israel airstrikes against Gaza continue

    11/19/12 6:23 PM

    Israeli aircraft struck crowded areas in the Gaza Strip and killed a senior militant with a missile strike on a media center Monday, driving up the Palestinian death toll to 96, as Israel broadened its targets in the 6-day-old offensive meant to quell Hamas rocket fire on Israel.

  • AP: Israel calls up troops for possible Gaza invasion

    11/16/12 10:02 AM

    Air raid sirens wailed in Jerusalem Friday as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians continued. The Israeli army has also called up 16,000 troops in advance of a possible Gaza invasion.

  • Israeli attacks in Gaza Strip escalate

    11/15/12 12:49 PM

    Militants in the Gaza Strip pounded southern Israel with rocket fire on Thursday, killing three people as the Israeli military pressed forward with a second day of intense air raids and naval attacks on militant targets.

  • Venice flooding at record highs

    11/12/12 8:36 AM

    Heavy rains and seas whipped up by strong winds have flooded Venice and brought the lagoon city's high tide mark to its sixth-highest level since records began being kept 150 years ago.

  • Lawmakers push for another round of sanctions against Iran

    11/9/12 12:48 PM

    Lawmakers are working on a set of new and unprecedented sanctions against Iran that could prevent the Islamic republic from doing business with most of the world until it agrees to international constraints on its nuclear program, officials say.

  • Guatemala rocked by 7.5 magnitude quake

    11/7/12 1:05 PM

    The U.S. Geological Survey says that a strong earthquake has hit off the Pacific coast of Guatemala, rocking the capital and shaking buildings as far away as Mexico City and El Salvador.

  • Libya attacks: Officials say CIA responded in less than 25 minutes

    11/2/12 12:26 PM

    Just days before the presidential election, U.S. officials are striking back at allegations they failed to respond quickly or efficiently against the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, detailing for the first time a broad CIA rescue effort.

  • Syria agrees to temporary ceasefire for Muslim holiday

    10/24/12 5:59 AM

    The U.N.-Arab League envoy to Syria says the Syrian government and some rebel leaders have agreed to a ceasefire during the upcoming Muslim four-day holiday.

  • Libya attacks: CIA says there was evidence attacks carried out by militants

    10/19/12 8:57 AM

    The CIA station chief in Libya reported to Washington within 24 hours of last month's deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate that there was evidence it was carried out by militants, not a spontaneous mob upset about an American-made video ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad, U.S. officials have told The Associated Press.

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