• Egypt's president returns to Cairo palace after days of opposition

    12/5/12 7:04 AM

    Egypt's president returned to his Cairo palace Wednesday with hundreds of protesters still camped outside a day after a mass outpouring of anger that has given new momentum to the opposition demanding that the Islamist leader rescind decrees giving him sweeping powers.

  • Iran claims to capture U.S. drone

    12/4/12 8:12 AM

    Iran claimed Tuesday it had captured a U.S. drone after it entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf— even showing an image of a purportedly downed craft on state TV — but the U.S. Navy said all its unmanned aircraft in the region were "fully accounted for."

  • U.S. reviews Syria policy

    12/3/12 3:34 PM

    Gordon interview November 29, 2012

  • The end to 'The Daily' comes after just 21 months

    12/3/12 9:13 AM

    The Daily, one of the more ambitious subscription-model digital publications in recent memory, will publish its last edition on Dec. 15, The Guardian reports.

  • US-Afghan base attacked in eastern Afghanistan

    12/2/12 9:10 AM

    The attackers and at least five Afghans were killed in an attack on a joint U.S.-Afghan air base in eastern Afghanistan, officials said. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the assault.

  • Yule Log causes frenzied 911 calls in Canadian city

    11/30/12 11:32 AM

    At least four people in Regina, Saskatchewan have desperately called 911 to report that the city's football stadium was on fire. In reality, the venue's giant TV screens were showing the iconic Yule Log.

  • Syrians without Internet for second day

    11/30/12 10:40 AM

    Syrian rebels battled regime troops south of Damascus on Friday and Internet and most telephone lines were cut for a second day, but the government reopened the road to the capital's airport in a sign the fighting could be calming, activists said.

  • UN vote recognizes state of Palestine

    11/29/12 11:39 PM

    The UN voted overwhelmingly Thursday to recognize a Palestinian state. Joining the United States and Israel in voting "no" were Canada, the Czech Republic, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Panama.

  • Clashes close U.S. Embassy in Cairo

    11/29/12 6:58 AM

    The U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt has closed because of clashes between protesters and police, officials announced on its own website Thursday.

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