• Commentary: ABC7's Gordon Peterson on Jesuits and the new pope

    3/13/13 6:28 PM

    The cardinals have chosen a Jesuit to lead the church. Jesuits swear an oath of obedience to the pope but they have not always been on good terms with him.

  • Black smoke signals no pope yet

    3/13/13 12:38 PM

    Black smoke billowed from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel Wednesday morning, meaning Roman Catholic cardinals have not elected a pope in their second or third rounds of balloting.

  • Dutch government raises terror threat level

    3/13/13 6:11 AM

    The Dutch government has raised its terror threat level from "limited" to "substantial," saying Dutch citizens are traveling to Syria to fight in the civil war and could return battle-hardened, traumatized and further radicalized.

  • Conclave 2013: What name will the new pope choose?

    3/12/13 6:06 PM

    What name will the new pope take? When it came to picking the pope in the first 600 years, those chosen would go by their baptismal name. It was in the 10th century when they started going by different names.

  • A day of ritual and black smoke

    3/12/13 5:26 PM

    The first day of voting for a new pope began with a mass at St. Peter's Basilica and ended with the classic puff of black smoke signaling that no pope was chosen on the first day.

  • Cardinals locked into Sistine Chapel to pick pope

    3/12/13 3:27 PM

    Benedict XVI's resignation has thrown the church into turmoil and exposed deep divisions among cardinals grappling with the apparently conflicting needs for a manager to clean up the Vatican's dysfunctional bureaucracy and a pastor who can inspire Catholics at a time of waning faith and growing secularism.

  • WATCH: All eyes on the Sistine Chapel chimney

    3/12/13 9:54 AM

    Catholics worldwide are once again keeping their eyes on a chimney atop the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, waiting for word of the selection of a new pope. Watch our live video of the Sistine Chapel chimney here as we wait for white smoke..

  • U.S. expels two Venezuelan diplomats

    3/11/13 12:59 PM

    U.S. officials said junior Venezuelan diplomats Orlando Jose Montanez Olivares and Victor Camacaro Mata were ordered to return home.

  • Secretary Chuck Hagel understands political pressure Karzai is under

    3/11/13 12:44 PM

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel encountered political tension with the Afghan president and a series of security problems during his first visit to Afghanistan as Pentagon chief, but he met privately with President Hamid Karzai and says they discussed the key issues.

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