• Benedict becomes 1st pope in 600 years to resign

    2/28/13 7:24 PM

    Benedict XVI has become the first pope in 600 years to resign, ending an eight-year pontificate shaped by struggles to move the church past sex abuse scandals and to reawaken Christianity in an indifferent world.

  • Exactly how will the new Pope be picked?

    2/28/13 9:35 AM

    Thursday marked the final day of Pope Benedict's XVI reign as the head of the Catholic church, and soon, the traditional conclave will gather to select a new Pope.

  • Msgr. Smith of Md. aided Pope in first words to faithful in 2005

    2/27/13 5:58 PM

    When the newly elected Pope Benedict XVI first greeted the faithful eight years ago, Fr. Bartholomew Smith, now Msgr. Smith of Silver Spring, Md., was right behind him - giving him support to stand and reading the Latin words into his ear to compensate for his poor vision.

  • Three dead in Swiss lumberyard shooting

    2/27/13 10:46 AM

    A longtime employee opened fire at a wood-processing company in central Switzerland on Wednesday, leaving three people dead, including the assailant, in the country's second multiple-fatality shooting in two months.

  • Dennis Rodman in North Korea with Harlem Globetrotters

    2/26/13 10:18 AM

    Former NBA star Dennis Rodman brought his basketball skills and flamboyant style - neon-bleached hair, tattoos, nose studs and all - on Tuesday to the isolated Communist country with possibly the world's drabbest dress code: North Korea.

  • Egypt hot air balloon catches fire, crashes, kills at least 18

    2/26/13 5:06 AM

    A hot air balloon flying over Egypt's ancient city of Luxor caught fire and crashed into a sugar cane field on Tuesday, killing at least 18 foreign tourists, a security official said.

  • UK Cardinal skips conclave amid accusations

    2/25/13 2:00 PM

    Britain's highest-ranking Catholic leader says he's resigning as archbishop following allegations he acted inappropriately with three priests and a former priest.

  • Reshaped papacy raises questions for church future

    2/25/13 12:43 PM

    Pope Benedict XVI has reshaped the papacy simply by giving it up. But scholars say the repercussions could reach beyond just changing how pontiffs leave to ultimately shape perceptions about the authority and significance of the pontificate.

  • South Korea has first female president

    2/25/13 5:34 AM

    The country with the developed world's biggest income gender gap now has its first female president, but Park Geun-hye already has South Koreans wondering whether she'll improve the status of women in a society still dominated by men.

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