• WJLA Breaking News!!!!!! We mean it this time!!! H

    Mar 28, 2012 - 12:35:35 PM

    Severe storm to rip through the area....Minorities and women will suffer the most!

  • Some times

    Mar 28, 2012 - 01:30:52 PM

    it rains and some times it don't...........

  • Ain't it

    Mar 28, 2012 - 01:49:02 PM

    comin' with a cold front. Maybe snow! Should we abandon cars now?

  • Who wrote the headline?

    Mar 28, 2012 - 02:01:18 PM

    Did they finish fifth grade? It should read "Severe Storms Threaten" not "Threat in".

  • Common Sense

    Mar 28, 2012 - 03:44:25 PM

    All we need now is a good tornado to clear McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza of those scumbag parasite Occupods.

  • Once again no rain here

    Mar 28, 2012 - 08:28:33 PM

    Wow, WJLA promised rain but we got zip, zero, nada! Thanks! We were hoping some of this pollen would be washed away but once again, WJLA came through on this. I agree, who wrote the headline on the front page???

  • Just Saying

    Mar 28, 2012 - 11:45:14 PM

    The weather reports have been wrong so many times that the only thing I do is look outside and take it from there. We have many severe warning within the last month and nothing came of it not anywhere near, I am chosing to ignore them and going about my business.