• Jon Sharp

    Jun 11, 2012 - 07:52:28 PM

    It's even been cooler in the Philly area for the first week of June. The highs were stuck in the 60s a couple of days.

  • robert hartge

    Jun 13, 2012 - 08:04:32 PM

    as I said before, I don't believe this summer will be a repeat of the heat of 2010 and 2011. This is looking more like the summer of 2009, which was cool, except for August. Bet this one will be similar. As a snowlover, hope El Nino brings us snow next winter, this winter was most disappointing. But, loving this summer. I have an aversion to heat. You all do a great job.

  • Tracy

    Jun 17, 2012 - 01:03:26 PM

    Liberal science is usually junk science and they are usually unable to modify their popsition based on facts that cannot be disputed. Their position is that if some fact clearly says some liberal science is wrong, then the fact is wrong or bogus. If I was going to write propaganda about the weather, I would use liberal ways of defending the global warming non-sense. Whatever happened to the acid rain hoax from decades ago and why has there never been a man with heat burns due to handling dry ice?