• Leisure World Resident

    Jun 13, 2012 - 02:04:42 PM

    Us Leisure World residents like to help our good police fight crime by cleaning out the latin kings, ms-13s and sur-13s from Langley Park and the other areas. To let you know that we got permission from some police precincts to go into some of the apartments of some of the gang members in Langley Park to take cash, some family heirlooms and their cars to sell for cash and use it for us and to contribute to our good police departments for training purposes. That is a good coalition and referendum because this will make the dirty spics move back to elsalvador and honduras. This is one way to deport the dirty spics from our country. If you have any ideas on how to commit good crime against the spics, call us special at 301--598-1925 or 301--948-8444 for details. Since crime is up this spring due to the bad economy, we can have fun by cleaning out the criminals and their property and sell the property for big money so we can party with family and friends on Friday nights!