• ray beck

    Sep 03, 2012 - 09:32:27 PM

    we have a surplus of WATER.../.why a drought? Bad management of our SURPLUS water SUPPLY. 100% OF CLEAN, FRESH WATER RUNS INTO THE OCEAN AND BECOMES UNCLEAN UNUSEABLE. SALT WATER.. .... CREATE JOBS BY DIGGING OUT DEEP HOLDING RESOVOERS IN LOW AREAS THAT FLOOD IN THE SPRING SNOW THAUGH. 100s of billions of gallons of fresh water can be stored for when the dry seasons arive. dig the resovoers in the mid-west farm lands. ...run plastic water pipes from major rivers that flood and does billions of $$$$$ in flood damage each year. .... you could buid a major water pipeline from the missippi river to phinix arizona. you could ease the flooding damage, and have water front property in araziona.... ...raise all types of eatable fish. and water for farmers and citizens...(without desalting the water) ...WE NEED LEADERSHIP/.WE NEED NEW LEADERSHIP....WE CAN GROW FOOD AND RECREATION.