• Kevin Martin

    Oct 04, 2012 - 10:02:44 AM

    I hope you realize TWC cannot name them because I own the commercial rights to name them, not them. http://www.theweatherspace.com/news/TWS-10312-martin-weather-channel-conversation-winter-storms.html That link shows all you need to know. You state "any channel could copy TWC?" No, no one is allowed to use Winter Storm names if I do not give the rights away. I am the rights holder since 1998 and the link above shows 2006 is when a respected LA Meteorologist told his region I named Winter Storms. I own the commercial rights and TWC will need to either drop the project or pay me ... I am naming the Winter Storms this season ...not them or anyone else.

  • Robert Hartge

    Oct 04, 2012 - 07:25:52 PM

    I think naming winter storms is a terrible idea, because it is preemptive and TWC made a unilateral decision. If someone says the Blizzard of 1996, most of us know exactly what that was and will for some time to come. It would not have to be named "Blizzard Athena". One thing I think we should do is change how we name hurricanes, that way we would not have to use ever, the Greek alphabet, since there are more named storms these days. In other words, if we end this year with Oscar, then start 2013 with Patty, once we reach William, go to Andrea. We have enough names that we would never run out. I think that would be a more sane thing to do than name winter storms. I have to agree that naming winter storms is not a good idea. Besides, how would we classify it, and TWC should not have made a unilateral decision. We certainly don't need to engender more controversy.

  • Robert Hartge

    Oct 09, 2012 - 07:47:13 PM

    I will post an additional comment on the naming of winter storms. Unlike hurricanes and tropical entities, which have a definite criteria, I can imagine there would be great difficulty with naming of winter storms, because they are far more complex than hurricanes. And, what may be bad to one part of the country may not affect another. A good example, would be the Blizzard of January 1977 in Buffalo and Upstate New York, I am sure had it been done then, that it would have gotten a name. But in that bad winter, it affected only a relatively small area, go a few miles south and there was practically no snow at all. Also, another thought--would the names go chronlogically for the whole country or would it be for just certain parts of the country. It will be interesting to see how this winter pans out with storms. Except for "Snowtober", I don't think any storms would have been named last winter, but then how many winters do we have that were as mild as last.