• Robert Hartge

    Nov 15, 2012 - 07:33:34 PM

    I do believe Doug's forecast will be about what we have. No doubt, it will be colder than last winter. But in all my experiences tracking weather myself, I believe the really bad winters will come next year 2013-14 and 2014-15, we seem to be entering a period like we had in the 1970's and the three of the late 1970's were the very worst. What we could share this winter would be the winter of 1976-77 where we had large freezes and average snowfall. This November is much, much colder than last year and my belief is that this winter won't be mild, but not like 3 years ago. Things average out. I just hope 2013's summer is not a repeat of the last 3 scorchers we have had. And, hopefully, a tamer hurricane season. Although, I think we may be in a cycle of more hurricanes hitting the Eastern U.S. too. The 1950's and late 1970's had similar weather patterns to now, and despite global warming, patterns still do happen. The snow cover over Canada is an encouraging sign that we will have more real winter this year.

  • Mr. Ryan

    Nov 16, 2012 - 12:15:09 PM

    "above below average temperature" Very confusing. What is above a below average temperature.....normal temperature or a higher than average temperature? Or is it equal chances of above, below, and average temperatures? Please clarify and write better in the article what you mean.