Dec 28, 2012 - 01:46:28 PM

    For Obama's reckless (and idiotic) spending. Will someone please tell that stupid ignoramus in the WH that the entire pension industry (that's all you union members on retirement, senior citizens, teachers union, CALPERS etc) finances its payouts with dividends from corporations (with AAA ratings)?? All Obama wants to do is seperate you from your hard earned money, this is just one way to do it. Oh, he'll tell you its to "punish the rich", which proves he is a Marxist and a Communist anyway, but it will do nothing of the sort. The private dividend money accounts will QUICKLY fly away to lower tax regions/countries, and the pension funds will be stuck holding the bag on the dividend pool (to pay the higher taxes). They will sell their stocks of course, and there's your stock market crash, PLUS the pension funds won't have any income to pay out...so eventually YOU are going to be stuck with a smaller retirement check which Obama will tax at an even higher rate anyway...see how this works, America??? This President is the most hateful President this country has ever seen, when it comes to encouraging investment INTO the United States of America. Obama wants to DISCOURAGE investment into our country. Call your Congressman/woman and tell them you're not happy with Obama's plan to destroy America! NOW! Before he destroys the USA!