• Obama's REAL top 5 achivements

    Jan 23, 2013 - 08:26:41 AM

    1. Tripling the National Debt, 2. Trillion Dollar deficits every year for the next 30 years., 3. A stalled economy (Idle Speed) for FOUR YEARS., 4. TEN MILLION more people added to welfare because of Obama's dead economy., 5. GASOLINE PRICES DOUBLING since he took over., 6. Usurping the Constitution by trying to erase the 2nd Amendment., 7. Giving FREE guns to FOREIGN CRIMINALS AND GANGS in "FAST AND FURIOUS" (with no tracking or accountibility), 8. Refusing to answer Congress on the failure of "FAST AND FURIOUS" and not firing Eric Holder or anyone else, 9. Creating economic instability by advocating raising taxes on the top 2% income earners/job creators (his revenge for growing up poor and not understanding economics), 10. Creating further economic instability by advocating raising taxes on middle class through an immediatel hike in the payroll tax to fund his reckless spending in increases in entitements, welfare, and non-business friendly govt speding programs.