• Robert SanGeorge, Chevy Chase

    Feb 16, 2013 - 12:54:52 PM

    Bob: Thanks for posting this! Helps us understand how much work needs to be done on storm runoff -- especially chemical pollution in runoff. The Maryland legislature is now considering a proposed law to require pesticide usage reporting statewide, so we can know where this the toxics are coming from. For info: http://www.mdpestnet.org/take-action/smart-on-pesticides-maryland/

  • land use and best practices?

    Feb 18, 2013 - 07:41:58 PM

    Looking at this satillite image it does not appear that it is all soil or sediment. I see no brown on the western or eastern shore from our farms, other then the marshy areas. Looks more like most of the run off is pollution directly from DC and Baltimore. Take a boat ride just south of DC on the potomac and see the shore line covered in plastic and trash. Its a disgrace. I submit that these two cities do more harm to the bay and its tributaries then the fertilizer I put on my lawn. And I'm all for getting rid of both....See image above....