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Federal Hot Minute

  • OMB urges federal agencies to cut IT budgets

    8/27/12 5:03 PM

    Last week the White House gave federal agencies guidance as they prepare their IT budget requests for 2014. OMB called for agencies to cut 10% from the average of what they spent on IT from 2010 through 2012. But they should also include plans for possible reinvestments of 5% and 10%.

  • Federal Hot Minute Aug. 12, 2012

    8/14/12 7:46 AM

    A study from IDC, commissioned by Amazon Web Services, analyzed 11 organizations of various sizes and concluded that they spent on average 70% less by moving to cloud computing services.

  • Federal Hot Minute July 30, 2012

    8/8/12 8:43 PM

    As we debate how best to reduce our unemployment, all sides agree helping small businesses grow is key – since small businesses add the most net new jobs.

  • Federal Hot Minute July 15, 2012

    8/8/12 8:41 PM

    Over the past seven years ago, a long list of domestic and foreign governments have adopted National Information Exchange Model protocols, such as the Justice Department’s Amber Alert, the FBI’s National Data Exchange and a European initiative to combat organized crime called EPOC.

  • Federal Hot Minute July 8, 2012

    8/8/12 8:39 PM

    Challenges for IT executives have emerged - especially in the U.S. government where the IT systems are large, complex and the data they hold is so vital to national security.

  • Highlights from a study surveying European IT executives

    8/8/12 8:37 PM

    Highlights from a new study from The Ponemon Institute, which surveyed senior IT public sector executives from the UK, Germany, France, Benelux countries and Italy.

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