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Royal Wedding 2011

  • Katy Perry on a roll; Black Spiderman

    8/2/11 4:04 PM

    Daybreak’s afternoon pop stroll includes Kate Perry gettin’ it done, Black Spiderman and some possible Amy Winehouse tunes on the horizon. That and more.

  • The latest weight-loss idea: Dukan diet

    4/30/11 8:44 PM

    A new diet craze called the “Dukan diet” was reportedly used by Catherine, the newest member of the British royal family, to lose weight.

  • Millions cheer as Kate and William wed

    4/30/11 8:45 AM

    With broad smiles and wild cheers throughout the world, Prince William and Kate Middleton emerged from Westminster Abbey Friday morning as husband and wife.

  • Local Brits celebrate wedding

    4/29/11 6:29 PM

    There's a tradition in England that they hold big street parties after a royal wedding. But transplanted Brits couldn't be home to celebrate, so they had to make their own.

  • The private whispers you didn't hear

    4/29/11 3:55 PM

    A professional lip reader provides a verbatim transcript of the private whispers between Kate, William and others during the royal wedding.

  • Royal Wedding 2011 video: Watch the ceremony

    4/29/11 4:48 AM

    Don't miss a second of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton! Watch the live stream here, and also follow our live blog, featuing Cynne Simpson live from London.

  • After the royal wedding, there's the honeymoon

    4/28/11 6:49 PM

    One of the most guarded secrets of this wedding has been where Prince William and Kate Middleton are going for their honeymoon. Perhaps some of the things Kate recently purchased offer a clue.

  • A Royal Wedding for the ages

    4/28/11 2:04 PM

    Like all things related to the British Royals, the “State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry of the Mounted Regiment” were busy Friday practicing for their role in the royal wedding.

  • The Kate Middleton name-game

    4/28/11 2:03 PM

    What’s in a name? If your name is Kate Middleton, quite a lot. Kate Middleton of Concord, Mass., that is.

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