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  • Oct. 30th Sportstalk with Junior Burrough

    10/30/14 10:39 PM

    Former NBA/UVA player Junior Burrough joins Glenn Harris to discuss the opening week of the NBA, Wizards opener, LeBron's return etc... Plus, comments on the Redskins QB decision.

  • Oct. 23rd Sportstalk with John Booty & Gary Clark

    10/23/14 10:19 PM

    Redskins great Gary Clark and NFL DB John Booty join Glenn Harris to discuss the Redskins Cowboys game on Monday Night Football, plus has this rivalry run its course?

  • Oct. 21st Sportstalk with Rick Nealis

    10/22/14 4:52 PM

    Alex Parker hosts as viewers offer their opinion on the question of the night: "Is Jay Gruden doing the right thing by starting Colt McCoy ahead of Kirk Cousins?" Then Rick Nealis, Marine Corps Marathon race director comes in to discuss the race and its popularity, and its special meaning.

  • Oct. 16th Sportstalk with Junior Burrough

    10/22/14 4:24 PM

    Former NBA & UVA Cavalier Junior Burrough joins host Glenn Harris to discuss the Wizards and NBA season 14 days before tip-off.

  • Oct. 14th Sportstalk with Adam LaRoche

    10/14/14 10:10 PM

    Alex Parker is joined by Nationals 1st Baseman Adam LaRoche to discuss his future with the team, and his 'field of dreams' Plus, DC United Defender Steve Birnbaum is in-studio to discuss the United's playoff push.

  • Oct. 9th Sportstalk with John Booty

    10/13/14 9:32 PM

    Glenn Harris is joined by former NFL player John Booty to break down the Redskins - Cardinals matchup.

  • Oct. 7th Sportstalk with Monica McNutt

    10/8/14 10:05 PM

    Alex Parker and Monica McNutt preview Nationals vs. Giants Game 4 live with Horace Holmes in San Francisco. Plus, breaking down the Redskins 27-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, and viewers calls.

  • Oct. 4th Sportstalk with Junior Burrough

    10/3/14 3:14 PM

    Glenn Harris breaks down the Wizards chances of making a return trip to the playoff, with NBA Analyst Junior Burrough, plus viewers calls.

  • Sept. 30th Sportstalk with Scott Gold

    10/1/14 9:56 PM

    Alex Parker hosts and takes viewers calls on the Redskins as they prepare to face the Seattle Seahawks. Plus, the 'soundtrack to the nats playoffs'...

  • Oct. 29th Sportstalk with Chris Pontius

    10/30/14 4:39 PM

    D.C. United's Chris Pontius joins Alex Parker in advance of their MLS playoff matchup. Plus, boxer Dusty Hernandez-Harrison and his father/manager discuss Dusty's upcoming bout at Constitution Hall.

  • Oct. 22nd Sportstalk with Donna Hopkins & Natalie Randolph

    10/23/14 10:16 PM

    NFL Analyst Donna Hopkins & former Coolidge HS Football Head Coach Natalie Randolph join Alex Parker to discuss the Redskins Cowboys matchup on Monday Night Football, and whether Robert Griffin III should/will play.

  • Oct. 20th Sportstalk with Kevin Sheehan

    10/22/14 4:33 PM

    Alex Parker is joined by ESPN980's Kevin Sheehan to discuss the Redskins win over Tennessee, Colt McCoy's ascendancy to the starting job, and RGIII's chances of playing against Dallas.

  • Oct. 10th Sportstalk with David Elfin

    10/16/14 4:58 PM

    After the latest DC sports collapse in the playoffs, Glenn Harris is joined by columnist David Elfin to discuss the DC Sports curse.

  • Oct. 13th Sportstalk with Leon Harris

    10/14/14 10:06 PM

    Alex Parker hosts and poses a question about the Redskins, "What needs fixing the most?" ABC-7 Anchor Leon Harris joins in the conversation.

  • Oct. 8th Sportstalk with Kedric Golston

    10/8/14 10:09 PM

    Alex Parker analyzes the season ending loss for the Nationals in Game 4 against the S.F. Giants. Plus, Redskins DL Kedric Golston chimes in on the locker room controversy. And the Capitals get ready for the season opener.

  • Oct. 6th Sportstalk Gameday

    10/6/14 8:50 PM

    Alex Parker has pre-game analysis, and Robert Burton with live reports leading up to the Seattle Seahawks Monday Night Football matchup.

  • Oct. 1st Sportstalk

    10/1/14 9:59 PM

    Glenn Harris takes viewers calls on the Redskins, and Nationals as they get ready for their NLDS opponent to be decided.

  • Sept 26th Sportstalk with Monica McNutt & Robert Burton

    10/1/14 9:56 PM

    Monica McNutt and Robert Burton breakdown the Redskins 45-14 loss to the NY Giants.

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