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  • Mar. 18th Sportstalk: Play the Field?

    3/18/15 10:04 PM

    Alex Parker takes viewers calls on Kentucky is unbeatable in this year's NCAA Tournament.

  • Mar. 16th Sportstalk: Let's Dance

    3/16/15 10:21 PM

    Let the dancing begin. Breaking down the brackets with former GMU guard Lamar Butler. Plus, the 1st dance for the American Women basketball team, Coach Megan Gebbia joins host Alex Parker.

  • Mar. 12th Sportstalk

    3/16/15 10:10 PM

    Glenn Harris takes viewers calls on NFL free agency, college athletics, & staying in school.

  • Mar. 10th Sportstalk: ...A New Day?

    3/10/15 11:42 PM

    The Redskins stay quiet, and out of character? Alex Parker takes viewers calls on the 1st day of NFL free agency.

  • Mar. 6th Sportstalk: Health & Fitness Friday

    3/7/15 12:11 AM

    Nutritionist Dr. Baruch joins Glenn Harris for Health & Fitness Friday.

  • Mar. 4th Sportstalk: The Wizard

    3/5/15 11:09 AM

    Former Terps star Walt 'Wizard' Williams joins Alex Parker to discuss the recent Terps hot streak, plus his playing days in College Park. Plus, what is Eagles Coach Chip Kelly thinking? KYW Radio's Matt Leon shares his opinion.

  • Mar. 2nd Sportstalk: Hoya Saxa

    3/3/15 10:12 PM

    Former Hoyas guard Mark Tillmon joins host Alex Parker to discuss his collegiate career, the NCAA Tournament, this year's Hoyas, and a Gonzaga Eagles championship.

  • Feb. 26th Sportstalk: Panic Button?

    2/28/15 8:39 AM

    Is it time to hit the panic button on the Wizards? And, Howard's Men Basketball team enjoying some success, Coach Kevin Nickelberry joins Glenn Harris to preview Saturday's Battle of the HU's

  • Feb 25th Sportstalk with Edwin Moses

    2/25/15 10:24 PM

    Olympic legend Edwin Moses joins Alex Parker to talk about his career, and his philanthropic efforts.

  • Mar. 17th Sportstalk: Knock, Knoche

    3/17/15 10:09 PM

    Alex Parker is joined by Terps Radio Analyst Chris Knoche to breakdown the NCAA brackets.

  • Mar. 13th Sportstalk: Standing Up

    3/16/15 10:16 PM

    Glenn Harris is joined by Cancer Survivor & Alexandria Aces consultant Pat Malone to discuss his Standing Up 2 Cancer, and baseball spring training.

  • Mar. 11th Sportstalk: Colonials Rock 'n' Rollin'

    3/12/15 8:48 AM

    George Washington Women's Basketball Coach Jonathan Tsipis and Atlantic 10 Player of the Year Jonquel Jones joins Alex Parker. Plus, don't get upset getting passed by this Rock 'n' Roll Marathoner.

  • Mar. 9th Sportstalk: Free Agency Dance

    3/10/15 9:51 AM

    Newly named BIG10 Coach of the Year Maryland Coach Mark Turgeon joins Alex Parker on the Terps chance in the tournament. 106.7The Fan's Brian McNally with possible Redskins Free Agent targets. And this is how North Florida dances!

  • Mar. 5th Sportstalk Tourney Ready?

    3/6/15 11:19 PM

    Maryland basketball Radio Analyst Chris Knoche joins Glenn Harris to discuss the Terps chances of winning the Big10.

  • Mar. 3rd Sportstalk: Pursue Suh?

    3/3/15 10:23 PM

    Should the Redskins pursue Ndamukong Suh if he's available? Washington Post Redskins Insider Mike Jones joins Alex Parker. Plus, Terps super sophomore Lexie Brown talks about Maryland's womens success in the Big10.

  • Feb. 27th Sportstalk: Let's Hit!

    3/2/15 9:39 AM

    Glenn Harris is joined by baseball bat specialist Tom Zakotnik of Bad Boy Bats to discuss hitting a baseball, and the Washington Nationals.

  • Feb. 24th Sporstalk

    2/25/15 10:28 PM

    Talking Nationals Spring training with Robert Burton, and Author Fred Frommer. Plus Terps Women's Coach Brenda Frese enjoys her regular season Big10 title. And, Steve Guback is Talking Sports.

  • Feb. 23rd Sportstalk with Digital Williams

    2/23/15 10:23 PM

    Nationals Spring Training enters its first full week, would the Redskins take Winston or Mariota if they fall to #5. And finally, FINALLY, It's on! Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.

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