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  • Nov. 25th Sportstalk

    11/25/14 10:32 PM

    Alex Parker takes your calls on the Redskins future with Robert Griffin III. Plus, Sty. Louis native and Wizards guard Bradley Beal, who knew Michael Brown, reacts to the Ferguson aftermath.

  • Nov. 20th Sportstalk with John Booty

    11/20/14 10:27 PM

    Glenn Harris is joined by former NFL player John Booty to discuss the recent Redskins drama between Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden. Plus, friends from Dangerous Pies DC join in the fun with holiday festive pie ideas.


  • Nov. 18th Sportstalk with Dan Steinberg

    11/18/14 10:24 PM

    Washington Post Sports Blogger Dan Steinberg joins Alex Parker to tell his story on his day as a fan at FedExField. Plus, Analyst Christy Winters-Scott breaks down the Wizards best start in 40 years.

  • Nov. 14 Sportstalk with Steve Hayes

    11/17/14 12:33 PM

    Glenn Harris is joined by Fitness pro Steve Hayes on another Health & Fitness Friday.

  • Nov. 12th Sportstalk

    11/17/14 12:09 PM

    Monica McNutt hosts as viewers dial in with their opinions on the Redskins and QB Robert Griffin III.

  • Nov. 10th Sportstalk with Mike Jones

    11/11/14 9:53 PM

    Washington Post Redskins Reporter Mike Jones joins host Alex Parker to discuss DeSean Jackson's comments over the weekend.

  • Nov. 3rd Sportstalk with Dan Benjamin

    11/4/14 6:13 PM

    Alex Parker takes viewers calls on the Redskins recent loss in Minnesota. Plus, Mount St. Joseph basketball coach Dan Benjamin talks with Alex about the inspirational story of Lauren Hill.

  • Oct. 30th Sportstalk with Junior Burrough

    10/30/14 10:39 PM

    Former NBA/UVA player Junior Burrough joins Glenn Harris to discuss the opening week of the NBA, Wizards opener, LeBron's return etc... Plus, comments on the Redskins QB decision.

  • Oct. 23rd Sportstalk with John Booty & Gary Clark

    10/23/14 10:19 PM

    Redskins great Gary Clark and NFL DB John Booty join Glenn Harris to discuss the Redskins Cowboys game on Monday Night Football, plus has this rivalry run its course?

  • Nov. 21st Sportstalk with Syreeta Hubbard

    11/25/14 10:28 PM

    Host Monica McNutt is joined by NFL writer/blogger Syreeta Hubbard to discuss the relationship between RGIII and Jay Gruden. Plus, other NFL news and notes.

  • Nov. 19th Sportstalk with Donna Hopkins & Natalie Randolph

    11/19/14 10:18 PM

    Glenn Harris hosts as longtime reporter Donna Hopkins and former football head coach Natalie Randolph discuss the drama with the Redskins, head coachJay Gruden and QB Robert Griffin III.

  • Nov. 17th Sportstalk

    11/18/14 10:20 PM

    Alex Parker hosts as viewers weigh- in on their disappointment after the Redskins lose to Tampa Bay. Plus, did Robert Griffin III throw his teammates under the bus, and Gruden's reaction.

  • Nov. 13th Sportstalk with David Elfin

    11/17/14 12:23 PM

    Glenn Harris is joined by Columnist David Elfin to discuss the Redskins in anticipation of their game against Tampa Bay.

  • Veterans Day Sportstalk 2014

    11/11/14 10:12 PM

    Alex Parker is joined by Redskins WR Pierre Garçon as he helps honor our veterans. Plus, other Veterans Day stories from Verizon Center, and a family honors their son at Redskins Park.

  • Nov. 7th Sportstalk with Dr. Baruch

    11/11/14 9:46 PM

    Glenn Harris hosts another health & fitness Friday with Natropathic Doctor Baruch.

  • Oct. 31st Sportstalk with Michael Williams

    11/4/14 6:13 PM

    WJFK-FM's Michael Williams joins Glenn Harris to give a Mid-Term grade to the Redskins, and whether or not Robert Griffin III can get the team back on track.

  • Oct. 29th Sportstalk with Chris Pontius

    10/30/14 4:39 PM

    D.C. United's Chris Pontius joins Alex Parker in advance of their MLS playoff matchup. Plus, boxer Dusty Hernandez-Harrison and his father/manager discuss Dusty's upcoming bout at Constitution Hall.

  • Oct. 22nd Sportstalk with Donna Hopkins & Natalie Randolph

    10/23/14 10:16 PM

    NFL Analyst Donna Hopkins & former Coolidge HS Football Head Coach Natalie Randolph join Alex Parker to discuss the Redskins Cowboys matchup on Monday Night Football, and whether Robert Griffin III should/will play.

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