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  • Jan. 30th Sportstalk Pre-Super Bowl XLIX

    1/31/15 8:27 AM

    Former NFL player John Booty breaks down Pats vs. Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, AZ. Plus, a delicious way to cater your Super Bowl party.

  • Jan. 28th Sportstalk with Christy Winters-Scott

    1/29/15 12:24 AM

    Alex Parker is joined by former Terps star Christy Winters-Scott to talk Wizards & NBA. Plus, Terps & Hoyas. And a Super Bowl prediction.

  • Jan. 26th Sportstalk

    1/28/15 8:45 AM

    The story that won't go away 'Deflate-gate" Plus, the real reason why Alex Ovechkin wanted to win a car. And, something great happend 23 years ago for the Redskins.

  • Jan. 23rd Sportstalk with Phil Chenier

    1/23/15 10:12 AM

    Glenn Harris discusses the Wizards and the NBA with Wizards Color Analyst and former Bullets Guard Phil Chenier. Plus, do you believe Tom Brady's explaination in 'Deflate-gate' ?

  • Jan. 15th Sportstalk (Local Boxers to Fight in DC)

    1/15/15 10:13 PM

    Host Glenn Harris is joined by local boxers Demond Nicholson and Patrick Harris Jr. to talk about their upcoming bouts at the DC Convention Center. Plus, some special guests call in to surprise the young boxing talents.

  • Jan. 13th Sportstalk (Mark Gray)

    1/13/15 11:52 PM

    Host Glenn Harris is joined by WJFK's Mark Gray to discuss Ohio State winning the 1st College Football Playoff National Championship. Plus, thoughts on the Redskins possibilities in the NFL draft, and the Wizards.

  • Jan. 6th Sportstalk with E.B. Henderson II

    1/10/15 12:08 PM

    Host Glenn Harris takes viewers calls on the prospect of Redskins hiring a new GM in Scot McCloughan. Plus, honoring a hidden historic site. TInner Hill turns 100, E.B. Henderson II talks about that and his grandfather's legacy.

  • Jan. 8th Sportstalk with Junior Burrough & Mark Tillmon

    1/10/15 12:32 AM

    Host Glenn Harris is joined by former NBA player Junior Burrough and former Georgetown Hoya Mark Tillmon to discuss the Wizards, Terps, Hoyas and to highlight an upcoming big HS basketball showcase.

  • Jan 5th Sportstalk

    1/7/15 10:25 AM

    Alex Parker takes viewers calls on the controversial call during the Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys game. Including how two Rosslyn workers viewed the call.

  • Jan. 29th Sportstalk with Junior Burrough

    1/31/15 8:26 AM

    Host Glenn Harris and former NBA player Junior Burrough break down the Wizards, NBA, college hoops and more.

  • Jan. 27th Sportstalk with Michael Lee

    1/28/15 8:46 AM

    Could Kobe Bryant have been a Wizards? Alex Parker sits down with The Post's Michael Lee who talked 1-on-1 with the basketball great. Plus, Super Bowl Media day did not leave some disappointed with its antics today.

  • Jan. 23rd Sportstalk with Sean Burch

    1/26/15 9:56 PM

    Glenn Harris is in for another health and fitness Friday with trainer & author Sean Burch

  • Jan. 21st Sportstalk with John Walton

    1/21/15 10:09 PM

    WJBK-TV Sports Director Dan Miller joins Alex Parker to discuss the Nationals introducing former Tiger pitcher Max Scherzer. Plus, radio voice of the Capitals John Walton breaks down the Caps, and the Deflate-gate.

  • Jan. 14th Sportstalk (Randolph, Hopkins, & Alexander)

    1/14/15 10:10 PM

    Host Alex Parker is joined by former football coach Natalie Randolph & reporter Donna Hopkins. Plus Cardinals linebacker Lorenzo Alexander calls in to talk NFL Playoffs, and playing with Aaron Rodgers.

  • Jan. 12th Sportstalk - Dante's Bet

    1/12/15 10:21 PM

    Host Alex Parker poses the question: Dez Bryant catch: was it a catch or not? Plus, this is what happens when you lose a bet.

  • Jan 9th Sportstalk with Dr. Baruch

    1/10/15 12:48 AM

    Host Glenn Harris is joined by nutrionist Dr. Baruch to help you keep your New Year's diet resolution.

  • Jan. 7th Sportstalk with David Elfin

    1/7/15 10:06 PM

    Host Alex Parker is joined by journalist David Elfin to discuss the Redskins possbily hiring a new GM. Plus, the push to get former Redskins OL Joe Jacoby in the Hall of Fame.

  • Jan 2nd Sportstalk with Tennille Adams

    1/7/15 10:19 AM

    Howard University Women's Basketball Coach Tennille Adams joins host Glenn Harris to update the Lady Bison as they fight through their tough MEAC schedule.

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