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  • May 22nd Sportstalk: Summer Shape-Ups

    5/22/15 10:53 PM

    Author Eric Berg has your summer shape-up tips on another health and fitness Friday.

  • May 20th Sportstalk: Stealing the Show

    5/20/15 10:06 PM

    Wizards Radio Analyst Glenn Consor on whats next for the Wizards. Plus, Curry or LeBron: Your choice? Riley Curry steals the show. DeflateGate latest. And, the story of boxer Dynamite Clark.

  • May 19th Sportstalk: Enough Attention

    5/19/15 10:24 PM

    Basketball Analyst Christy Winters-Scott on the NBA Playoffs, are you rooting for LeBron? Plus, the Mystics season opener around the corner. And, do we (as a nation) give womens sports enough attention?

  • May 15th Sportstalk: Yes Indeed

    5/15/15 10:25 PM

    Host Glenn Harris is joined by Boxer Mike "Yes Indeed" Reed as he makes his quest up the Jr Welterweight boxing ranks.

  • May 13th Sportstalk: Lessen Suspension?

    5/14/15 4:16 PM

    The question of the night: "Would you lessen Tom Brady's suspension, or increase it?" Alex Parker takes viewers calls in the aftermath of DeflateGate. Plus, the story of Boxer Gary Russell, Jr.

  • May 8th Sportstalk: Youth Reigns

    5/11/15 10:58 PM

    U.S Youth Champion Woodie McKnight discusses his short but stellar tennis career.

  • May 6th Sportstalk: Wall Deflate

    5/6/15 10:04 PM

    Wizards Radio Play-by-Play Announcer Dave Johnson discusses the John Wall injury, and the Wiz Game 2 loss in Atlanta. Plus, should Tom Brady be punished for the latest in the Deflate Gate findings?

  • May 4th Sportstalk: The Wizard of Scot?

    5/4/15 10:35 PM

    Washington Post Basketball Reporter Michael Lee joins Alex Parker from Atlanta, to discuss the Wizards Game 1 win, plus Steph Curry could have been a Wizard?Plus, viewers thoughts on Scot McCloughan's 1st draft as Redskins GM.

  • Apr. 30th Sportstalk: Preferences

    5/4/15 10:24 PM

    NBA Analyst Junior Burrough breaks down the Washington Wizards playoff run, plus other NBA Playoff matchups.

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