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  • Syrian diplomats expelled as fighting goes on

    5/29/12 12:03 PM

    The United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands took action Tuesday against Syrian diplomats in the aftermath of another bloody massacre in that country.

  • Syria rocked by suicide bombs that killed 55 people

    5/10/12 8:26 AM

    Two suicide blasts ripped through the Syrian capital Thursday, killing 55 people and leaving scenes of carnage in the streets. 

  • Syrian troops carry out attacks across the country

    4/14/12 11:31 AM

    Syrian troops and rebel gunmen carried out attacks across Syria on Saturday, killing at least nine people in a surge of violence that threatened a U.N.-brokered cease-fire.

  • Red Cross pushes Syria to allow aid workers in

    4/3/12 11:01 AM

    The International Committee of the Red Cross pressed Syria Tuesday to give aid workers access to civilians endangered by shelling and armed clashes while fresh violence raised doubts that President Bashar Assad's regime will adhere to a U.N. peace plan.

  • Syria rocked by car bombs, at least 27 killed

    3/17/12 10:02 AM

    Twin car bombs struck intelligence and security buildings in the Syrian capital on Saturday, killing at least 27 people and wounding nearly 100, according to state media.

  • Red Cross sent to Syrian city of Homs

    3/2/12 7:00 AM

    The Red Cross dispatched an aid convoy to an embattled neighborhood in the Syrian city of Homs Friday, and the U.N. said it was alarmed by reports of execution-style killings after the Syrian army seized the area from rebel forces.

  • 13 Syrians killed trying to rescue wounded journalist

    2/28/12 9:56 PM

    A wounded British photographer who had been trapped in the besieged Syrian city of Homs was spirited safely into Lebanon on Tuesday in a risky journey that killed 13 rebels who helped him escape the relentless shelling and gunfire.


  • Two journalists killed in Syria

    2/22/12 7:57 AM

    A French photojournalist and an American working for a British newspaper were killed Wednesday by Syrian government shelling of the opposition stronghold of Homs, France's government said.

  • U.S. sees 'challenges' for peacekeepers in Syria

    2/13/12 8:20 PM

    The Obama administration said Monday it backs Arab League plans to end ongoing violence in Syria but noted several obstacles to deploying a proposed international peacekeeping force to the country and stopped short of a full endorsement of the idea.

  • Syria violence spurs visit from Kofi Annan

    5/28/12 8:25 AM

    Special envoy Kofi Annan on Monday called on "every individual with a gun" in Syria to lay down arms, saying he was horrified by a weekend massacre that killed more than 100 people, including women and small children.

  • Obama works against human rights abuses in Iran, Syria

    4/23/12 10:13 AM

    U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday announced further efforts to protect against human rights abuses by the Syrian and Iranian governments.

  • Syrian forces injure refugees in Turkish camp

    4/9/12 9:55 AM

    Syrian forces fired across the border Monday into a refugee camp in Turkey, wounding at least five people as a U.N.-brokered plan to end more than a year of violence this week all but collapsed, authorities said.

  • Bashar Assad's wife,other relatives sanctioned by EU

    3/23/12 8:19 AM

    EU foreign ministers have slapped sanctions on the wife and other close relatives of Syrian President Bashar Assad, freezing their assets and banning them from traveling to the EU in a continuing attempt to stop the violent crackdown on opposition, officials said Friday.

  • Panetta, Dempsey say U.S. armed forces ready for involvement in Syria

    3/7/12 10:25 AM

    The nation's top military leader said Wednesday that U.S. armed forces would be ready if called upon to get involved in Syria, but he raised serious concerns about outside extremists and the fate of Syria's chemical and biological weapons.


  • U.N. Security Council condemns Syria

    3/1/12 1:47 PM

    In its first statement on Syria in seven months, the U.N. Security Council on Thursday deplored the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation there and called on the government to grant U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos "immediate and unhindered access."


  • Syrian forces continue shelling

    2/23/12 11:22 AM

    Warnings from Syrian activists of a humanitarian catastrophe in Homs grew more desperate Thursday as government forces resumed shelling an opposition stronghold in the restive central city, where hundreds have died in a weeks-long siege.

  • Anthony Shadid, New York Times correspondent, dies in Syria

    2/17/12 8:19 AM

    New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, died Thursday of an apparent asthma attack in Syria while reporting on the uprising against its president.

  • U.N. rights chief deplores Syria crackdown

    2/13/12 8:20 PM

    The U.N. human rights chief decried Syria's escalating crackdown on civilian protesters Monday and warned that the Security Council's failure to take action has emboldened the Syrian government to launch an all-out assault to crush dissent.

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