Thuman's Capitol Thoughts

  • Are we grading President Obama on a curve?

    9/7/12 11:46 AM

    Are we grading the president on a curve with regard to his major campaign speeches?

  • DNC 2012: The starring role of women at the DNC

    9/4/12 5:33 PM

    Women are playing a starring role at this year's DNC - and there's a good reason for it. ABC7's senior political reporter Scott Thuman has all the DNC news.

  • Hockey Playoffs or Politics?

    5/3/12 6:47 PM

    They say Virginia is for lovers. But then again, maybe that only applies in non-election years.

  • Three weeks of weird

    4/4/12 11:20 AM

    Mitt Romney has won, again. A political hat trick is his latest coup. Virginia, Maryland and the ever-important Midwestern prize of cheese heads doling out a whopping 42 delegates have crowned Romney their king. That is at least, until November when Dems will chime in with gusto.

  • Mitt-Tastrophe Avoided

    2/29/12 6:40 PM

    It seems everyone was primed to pounce on what would have been an embarrassing Mitt Romney loss in his home state…and whew! Romney could probably wring an entire assembly-line sized bucket of sweat from whatever Brooks Brothers handkerchief he used to wipe his brow while watching returns.

  • FBI sting nabs suspected U.S. Capitol bomber

    2/17/12 11:25 PM

    Amine el-Khalifi was arrested in a sting in which he thought he was going to detonate a bomb at the U.S. Capitol.


    2/8/12 6:39 PM

    While you may not think Santorum can go the distance, you’d better acknowledge that his victories are having a significant impact on this race.

  • You're endorsed! Donald Trump backs Mitt Romney

    2/3/12 9:05 AM

    There was a pageant-like quality to the event in Las Vegas on Thursday as “the Donald” betrothed upon Mitt Romney the most glamorous (remember, we’re talking Vegas here) endorsement yet.

  • TCT is back

    1/30/12 9:23 PM

    Welcome back loyal TCT followers! The hiatus is over and with the campaign now in full swing, I’ll once again be providing those daily tidbits, analyses & inside-the-beltway insights you’d grown accustomed to.

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