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ABC7 NEWS: The very latest on these stories today on Good Morning Washington:

For the first time since 1933, a new pennant will fly over a ballpark in our nation's capital. The Washington Nationals have won the National League East title for the first time since moving to Washington.

It has been ten years since the first of the string of sniper shootings, happened in the D.C. area.

ABC7 WEATHER: Today, we will have occasional showers and a few storms with humid and milder weather. Highs will reach 81.  

WHITE HOUSE SECRET MEETINGS ON AL-QAEDA THREAT: Per The Washington Post, “The White House has held a series of secret meetings in recent months to examine the threat posed by al-Qaeda’s franchise in North Africa and consider for the first time whether to prepare for unilateral strikes, U.S. officials said.”  

RED TOP METER PROGRAM TO BE REVIVED? Per The Washington Post, “District officials hoping to revive the city’s controversial red top meter program unveiled a new proposal Monday to reserve more than 10 percent of all parking meters for disabled motorists. Under the plan, which would slash the number of on-street parking spots for non-disabled drivers, the District would install red meters throughout the city in areas near government buildings, restaurants and shopping districts.”  

D.C. COUNCIL TO VOTE ON LOOSENING SPENDING RESTRICTIONS: Per The Washington Post, “District residents could soon vote to free the city from some congressional spending restrictions if the D.C. Council passes legislation to be introduced Tuesday by Chairman Phil Mendelson. The proposal represents a sharp turn in the District’s march toward budget autonomy, a key goal of voting rights activists and city officials that has been embraced by some congressional Republicans but complicated by threats of amendments targeting District affairs.”  

STATES TACKLE VOTER FRAUD: Per The Washington Post, “A rising furor over voter fraud has prodded some states to mount extensive efforts against illegal voters, election-fraud cases more often involve citizens who sell their votes, usually remarkably cheaply. In West Virginia over the past decade, the cost was as low as $10. Last year in West Memphis, Ark., a statehouse candidate used $2 half-pints of vodka.”  

PRESIDENT OBAMA, MITT ROMNEY GEAR UP FOR DEBATE: Per WTOP, “The presidential candidates are leaving the heavy lifting of campaigning to their running mates Tuesday as they spend one more day preparing for their first debate, scheduled for Wednesday night.”  

MARYMOUNT PROFESSOR DIES: Rhett Leverett, a professor at Marymount University, died after being struck by a vehicle along 6th Street in Northwest Washington Monday.

NEWSTALK: Today on Newstalk (Broadcast live at 10am on NewsChannel 8) Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the paper's interview with convicted sniper Lee Boyd Malvo. Ken Jost of CQ Press previews the coming Supreme Court term. After the Nationals clinched the playoffs, we talk with Tom Threlkeld of the DC Pro Sports Report, and we will also talk with local elections officials about the upcoming balloting.

-Yasmeen Alamiri


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