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Newly re-elected President Barack Obama will use a White House appearance to set the tone for upcoming talks with congressional Republicans on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff.

Police are warning drivers on River Road that a movie production that caused big delays Thursday may do the same thing Friday during morning rush hour. Production trucks and trailers are in the area of the Saints Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, which is on River Road just south of Norton Road. The crews are in town to film a BBC movie starring famous British actress Judi Dench.  

ABC7 WEATHER: Today, it will be sunny and cool with highs in the upper 50s.  

MONTGOMERY COUNTY BILL TO BAN SMOKING ON ALL GOVERNMENT-OWNED PROPERTY: Per WTOP, Montgomery County council member Nancy Floreen, who is a cancer survivor, says it's time the county did more to attack the deadly disease. One way to do that, she says, is to ban smoking on all Montgomery County-owned property and property leased by the county.  

GWU OVERSTATING ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS: Per The Washington Post, “George Washington University significantly overstated the academic credentials of students who entered the school in fall 2011, reporting that 78 percent had graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class when only 58 percent had done so, university officials disclosed Thursday. The overstatement, which GWU officials called the result of a flaw in the school’s reporting methods dating back more than a decade, inflated a key variable used to calculate the university’s standing in national rankings.”  

MARYLAND QUESTION 6 WON’T TAKE EFFECT UNTIL NEW YEAR: Per The Washington Post, “With the passage this week of Question 6, Maryland’s law allowing gay couples to wed will take effect on Jan. 1 — but it will be a few more days until new marriage licenses become official, according to state lawyers. There are a couple of reasons why. Under existing marriage law in Maryland, a license does not take effect until 48 hours after it is issued. Moreover, Jan. 1 is a state holiday, and the courthouses will be closed.”  

AMIDST AFGHAN DRAWDOWN, DONKEYS SERVE AS SUPPORT: Per The Washington Post, “As the U.S. military drawdown continues, the sky is emptying of the foreign aircraft that have kept remote outposts stocked with food, water and weaponry. Afghan troops are being handed the outposts, but not the sleek helicopters that have soared overhead, delivering supplies. Afghans searching for a substitute have found an ancient solution: the plodding, dutiful animals that have navigated these high and frigid mountain passes for centuries.”  

VIRGINIA EYES FISCAL CLIFF: Per The Washington Post, “Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell asked state officials Thursday to suggest 4 percent cuts to their agency budgets in anticipation of the “fiscal cliff” that threatens the national economy. In a memo, the governor’s chief of staff told executive agency heads to prepare their departments for the economic crisis that might result if Congress and the White House don’t reach a long-term deficit-reduction plan by year’s end.”

GOP EYES WHAT WENT WRONG: Per The Washington Post, “Top Republican officials, stunned by the extent of their election losses Tuesday night, have begun an exhaustive review to figure out what went so wrong and how to fix it. Party leaders said they already had planned to poll voters in battleground states starting Tuesday night in anticipation of a Mitt Romney victory — to immediately begin laying the groundwork for midterm congressional elections and a Romney 2016 reelection bid.”

NEWSTALK: Today on Newstalk (Broadcast live at 10am on NewsChannel 8) Politico's Marty Kady talks about calls to reform the Senate filibuster, blamed by many for contributing to DC's political gridlock. Doug Lewis, head of the National Association of Elections Officials, talks about the long lines and other issues some voters confronted on Election Day.

-Yasmeen Alamiri

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