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ABC7 NEWS: The very latest on these stories today on Good Morning Washington:

As questions swirl about the extramarital affair that led to the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, the retired general and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, have been quiet about details of their relationship.

A Howard County Taco Bell manager is in critical condition after he was shot several times by two unknown suspects.  

ABC7 WEATHER: Today, we will see patchy morning fog with the sun giving way to clouds, but still a mild day, with highs reaching 70.  

NEW BUSINESS BOOST AFTER GAY MARRIAGE PASSES IN MARYLAND: Per The Washington Post, “Maryland, Maine and Washington join a handful of states where same-sex marriages are legal — the others are Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont — but the three were the first to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. For some, the decision is more than just a gay-rights milestone. It could also have an economic impact, potentially increasing the market for wedding-related services, a big-ticket item in many a couple’s life.”  

EAST COAST RAPIST OPENS UP: Per The Washington Post, Aaron “Thomas says he is the East Coast Rapist: the man who terrorized women in the Washington area and New England beginning in the early 1990s, culminating in an attack on three trick-or-treating teenagers in Prince William County in 2009. His crimes, which spanned nearly half his life, gripped the region with the kind of fear that comes from an unknown man, lurking in the darkness, attacking strangers who were doing such everyday tasks as walking home from work, waiting for a bus, moving out of an apartment or even sleeping in their own bed. In hours of telephone interviews with The Washington Post from his jail cell in Prince William County, Thomas for the first time publicly acknowledged that he attacked women in several states. He said he has struggled to understand why he did it, and why he did it so many times — more than a dozen rapes by his count, although police think there were probably many more.”

MONTGOMERY COUNTY CONSIDERS GIVING MORE LANES TO BUSES: Per The Washington Post, “Montgomery County planners have proposed converting some lanes on the county’s busiest roads to buses-only. Eager to avoid widening roads, the planners say bus-only lanes would be a faster and more affordable way to improve transit and limit growing traffic congestion. The idea of taking asphalt from private vehicles in one of the country’s most traffic-clogged regions is likely to draw protests from some motorists. But Larry Cole, a Montgomery transportation planner, said the county’s continued population growth will require persuading more people to forgo the convenience of driving by making buses faster and more reliable — even if that means motorists get less room on the road.”  
PRINCE GEORGE’S STUDENTS BRING ART TO THEIR AREA: Per The Washington Post, “At William Paca Elementary in Prince George’s County, painting or art of any kind is a treat. The school, where 85 percent of students qualify for subsidized lunch, does not have its own art teacher,” the Post reported. But now, those students are participating in a mural pain project by their school. “The mural event was sponsored by the county as part of its Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, a new program intended to help communities struggling with sluggish economies and stubborn crime. This was the program’s first mural project.”  

DAYS LATER, FLORIDA ALSO COUNTED FOR OBAMA ELECTION WIN: The state finished counting its votes Saturday. Obama was declared the winner of Florida's 29 electoral votes, giving him a 332 to 206 final margin in the Electoral College.

D.C. UNITED LOSES TO HOUSTON DYNAMO: Per The Washington Post, “But with a 3-1 loss to the Houston Dynamo in the first leg of MLS’s Eastern Conference finals on Sunday — another chaotic playoff affair blemished by controversy and ailments — United will have its mettle tested like never before this fall.”

NEWSTALK: Today on Newstalk (Broadcast live at 10am on NewsChannel 8) Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker talks about the gambling referendum, the search for a new Superintendent and more. And Jennifer Aument of TransUrban talks about the EZ-Pass transponders commuters will soon need to drive the Beltway in Virginia. Politico's Ken Vogel discusses the heat on Karl Rove following the poor showing of the candidates his SuperPAC backed.

-Yasmeen Alamiri

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