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Former CIA director David Patraeus is expected to face tough grilling on Capitol Hill Friday as he testifies to Congress about the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in Libya, which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

In a city filled with iconic landmarks, perhaps nothing better symbolizes how metropolitan Washington operates than the Capital Beltway: the physical embodiment of the gridlock that also grips Washington politics. Now a $2 billion, 14-mile, decade-in-the-making expansion project will produce an additional divide, creating express lanes that allow drivers who are willing to pay a potentially steep toll to travel swiftly along D.C. metro's notoriously gridlocked roads.  

ABC7 WEATHER: Today, we will have morning clouds, with sprinkles in the southeast with afternoon sunshine, with an overall cool day, with highs reaching 56.  

ANTI-MUSLIM ADS TO CONTINUE IN DC AREA: Per DCist: Pamela Geller said last month that her campaign to plaster Metro stations with billboards and banners that attempt to stir up "anti-jihad" sentiment by invoking 9/11 would "go on for years." Seems like she wasn't lying. Metro riders spotted more banners at the Glenmont, Petworth-Georgia Avenue and U Street-Cardozo stations featuring a Koran verse accompanied by—yet again—the indelible image of a Boeing 767 crashing into the World Trade Center.”

U.S. TO EXPAND COUNTERTERRORISM ASSISTANCE: Per The Washington Post, “The Pentagon is expanding counterterrorism assistance to unlikely corners of the globe as part of a strategy to deploy elite Special Operations forces as advisers to countries far from al-Qaeda’s strongholds in the Middle East and North Africa. Much of the new assistance is being directed toward countries in Asia and has been fueled by the Obama administration’s strategic “pivot” to the region. In Cambodia, for example, the Defense Department is training a counterterrorism battalion even though the nation has not faced a serious militant threat in nearly a decade.”  

D.C. SEX ABUSE BILL ADVANCES: Per The Washington Post, “Nearly all adults in the District would be held liable if they fail to report suspected child sex abuse under a bill tentatively approved Thursday by the D.C. Council. The legislation, which comes in the aftermath of the Penn State University sex-abuse scandal, would greatly expand existing city laws requiring mandatory reporting for government workers, teachers and counselors who work closely with children.”  

HOLDER DEFENDS HANDLING OF PETRAEUS SCANDAL: Per The Washington Post, “Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Thursday defended the Justice Department’s handling of the investigation that ledDavid H. Petraeus to resign as CIA director, saying that the department was right to keep the inquiry secret from the White House until after last week’s presidential election. Holder’s first public comments on the controversy came as the CIA opened an internal inquiry of Petraeus’s conduct during his 14-month tenure as director. The move means that there are three active investigations related to a scandal that has scrambled President Obama’s national security team.”  

METRO BOARD NEEDS STRICTER ETHICS REGULATIONS: Per The Washington Post, “Metro’s revised ethics policy for board members lacks specific sanctions for many violations, an expert review has found. A director who violates rules regarding a financial conflict of interest can be forced off the board, but the ethics policy is silent on consequences for other ethical transgressions, according to the review, carried out by the the law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft.”  

BOWIE STATE MURDER TRIAL: The jury has returned a not guilty verdict on all seven charges against Alexis Simpson, the Bowie State University student on trial in the death of her roommate.  

NEWSTALK: Today on Newstalk (Broadcast live at 10am on NewsChannel 8) Former state Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis (R) talks about her bid for Lt. Governor and her party’s showing on Nov. 6. Dr. Mohammad Akhter talks about the District’s creation of a health insurance “exchange.” And DDOT’s George Branyan discusses the “Share the Road” campaign.

-Yasmeen Alamiri

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