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ABC7 NEWS: The very latest on these stories today on Good Morning Washington:

Fiscal Cliff Countdown: House Speaker John Boehner is offering $1 trillion in higher tax revenue over 10 years and an increase in the top tax rate on people making more than $1 million a year. He's also offering a large enough extension in the government's borrowing cap to fund the government for one year before the issue must be revisited — conditioned on President Barack Obama agreeing to the $1 trillion in cuts.

Sandy Hook Shooting, Local schools increase security: Schools in the Washington area will have counselors and some extra police patrols as students return to class following the school shooting in Connecticut. On Sunday, Fairfax County Schools Superintendent Jack Dale said county police would increase patrols and visibility this week around all county schools. Dale says this is not a response to any threat. He says it's a police initiative to enhance safety and alleviate anxiety.

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With gun issue in sharp focus, advocates are feeling the heat: Per The Washington Post, "The call came Friday night, as Americans were just beginning the struggle to make sense of one of the most horrific mass shootings in a long history of them.
The anonymous caller was angry, and he was looking for Philip Van Cleave, who heads the Virginia Citizens Defense League. He cursed Van Cleave for his pro-gun advocacy, challenged Van Cleave to sell his weapons, and called him a coward."

On Anacostia River, some anglers don’t catch tainted-fish warning: Per the Washington Post, "Gary Oesby sat at a wobbly picnic table at the edge of the Anacostia River, two fishing poles leaning on thin tree limbs, lines in the cold water, stewed beef sweetened with vanilla extract balled up on both hooks, beckoning catfish to take their last bite ever."

Prince George's officials hope to unveil school bus cameras: Per WTOP, "In August, Montgomery and Frederick counties unveiled school bus cameras, designed to catch dangerous drivers illegally passing while children are present. Prince George's County officials hope to unveil a similar program in August 2013.

Sports: Redskins beat Browns 38-21, tie for NFC East lead:
Robert Griffin III watched as the Redskins' other rookie quarterback won again. Rookie Kirk Cousins threw for 329 yards and two touchdowns filling in for an injured Griffin, leading Washington to its fifth straight win, 38-21 over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

NEWSTALK: Among today’s guests... (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8) DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson talks about the school shooting in Connecticut, the selection of Anita Bonds, school consolidation, ethics reform and more. Then, ABC 7 reporter Rebecca Cooper and others discuss the rampage in Newtown.

--Scott Meeks

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