Photo Galleries Washington, D.C., Northern Virgina and Maryland pictures

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    D.C. offers curbside lottery service

    D.C.’s lottery is heading to the streets with a 26-foot, lime green truck that will sell lottery tickets.

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    America beats Brazil in Women's World Cup quarterfinals

    In a dramatic comeback win their coach called "phenomenal," the United States team won on penalty kicks, 5-3, after Abby Wambach's header tied the game 2-2.

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    Remembering Betty Ford

    Always honest and open about her opinions--and often controversial--Betty Ford was widely loved and admired. With her own victory over alcohol and drug addiction and the creation of the Betty Ford Center, the former First Lady touched millions of Americans and helped save untold numbers of lives.

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    The D.C. region gets soaked

    A deluge soaked much of the D.C. metro area throughout Friday night, causing flash flooding in some areas and wet misery for almost every corner of the region.

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    Space Shuttle Atlantis launch beginning of the end for shuttle program

    Atlantis and its four astronauts glided through the twilight Thursday and landed in Florida shortly before sunrise, bringing an end to NASA's 30-year shuttle journey with one last, rousing touchdown that drew cheers and tears.

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    Casey Anthony trial photos: A frenzy inside and outside the courtroom

    The dramatic trial of Casey Anthony came to a close Thursday when she was sentenced to four years in prison for lying to investigators, a day after she was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. Here's a look at the trial as it happened.

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    Holy haboob! A photo gallery of historic dust storms

    After a haboob trailed dirt and sand all over Arizona Tuesday, many people were left agape at a weather phenomenon that seemed to have leaped across the seas from the Sahara Desert. But haboobs, or dust storms that are propelled in front of powerful low-pressure systems, have occurred throughout history in the U.S. Here's proof.

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    Man attacks vehicle on BW Parkway

    A man angry over speed cameras went into a rage Wednesday and attacked a vehicle with a hammer.

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    Dust storm blacks out sun, blankets Phoenix, Ariz.

    A massive cloud of dust, called a "haboob" in weather circles, descended on Phoenix late Tuesday night, covering everything in its path with dust and debris. Dust storms are fairly common in the desert during the summer monsoon season.

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    Strange holes in clouds: It's not UFOs, folks

    A new study in the journal Science suggests that airplanes can induce small amounts of rain and snowfall by punching "holes" in cloud cover. So what exactly do these holes look like, and how are UFOs involved?

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