Photo Galleries Washington, D.C., Northern Virgina and Maryland pictures

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    PHOTOS: Items confiscated by TSA in 2013

    The TSA has confirmed it confiscated a record number of firearms at airport security checkpoints last year. But guns aren’t the only prohibited items screeners regularly spot in carry-on bags.

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    January 21 Snow photos from D.C., Maryland, Virginia

    The snow photos are rolling into the ABC7 newsroom. If you've snapped a picture you'd like to share with us, send it to You can also send them to us on Facebook or @ABC7News and @NewsChannel8.


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    PHOTOS: Maureen Bunyan to be inducted into NABJ Hall of Fame

    A 44-year veteran of television news, WJLA anchor Maureen Bunyan is one of the most respected and admired broadcasting journalists in the country. She will be inducted into the National Association of Black Journalists Hall of Fame.

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    Deep Freeze photos

    A brutal cold spell put parts of the country in a deep freeze recently, including the D.C. area. And while all that icy-cold weather may have been tough to deal with, it also made for some beautiful sites.


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    January snow photos: First storm of 2014 descends on D.C.

    It didn't take long for the snow to come in 2014, as the entire D.C. area saw a healthy blanket of powder Thursday evening and night.

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    Daily Eye Wonder January 2014

    A collection of some beautiful, strange, interesting, and fascinating pictures of weather, environment and space that might let you wonder.

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    Mother sloth raising newborn baby sloth at National Aquarium

    There’s cute - and then there’s ‘baby sloth’ cute. Scott Thuman just took these exclusive shots of the National Aquarium’s newest edition: a baby, two-toed sloth named ‘Scout’ living in the Upland Tropical Rain Forest.

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    Holiday Light Displays

    The Storm Chaser traveled across the ABC7/News Channel 8 viewing area to showcase some spectacular holiday lights.


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    Mike Makes Jan Hagel Cookies

    Jan Hagel Cookies are a traditional holiday treat for NewsChannel 8's Mike Conneen and his family. And just in time for Christmas, Mike threw on an apron and hit the kitchen to whip up a batch of these Dutch delights.


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    Making Mom's Mochi photos

    Making treats with loved ones is an important part of the holidays. And that's exactly what NewsChannel 8's Kathy Park does with her family every year. Check out these photos that Kathy snapped while making her Mom's Mochi.


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