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WJLA, June 01, 2011

Seen from space: The first 'disturbance' of the 2011 hurricane season

Satellites show a low-pressure system surging over Florida this week. It's the first so-called "disturbance" of this year's hurricane season, which many forecasters are saying will be especially violent. Take a peek at this puppy in this high-tech, infrared, rainbow-enhanced, moisture-I.D.ing imagery.

Energy in the Atlantic Ocean

This image from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration shows what's known as the Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential in the Atlantic on June 1. That's a measure of how much energy is available in the entire column of water for a hurricane to feed upon, rather than just the sea-surface temperature. Areas with 90 KJ per square cm or above are hurricane-prone.

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