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WJLA, September 14, 2011

NASA's wild corn mazes celebrate 50 years of space exploration

This fall, NASA is teaming up with seven farms (including one in Fredericksburg, Va.) to build giant corn mazes that honor major achievements in the U.S. space program. It's called the Space Farm 7 mission, and it is not a delusion in your head. Here are computer models of the NASA mazes that will debut later this month and in October, created by the world's largest corn-maze company, Utah's The Maize Inc.

Corn maze at Dell' Osso Farms, Calif.

This maze in Lathrop, Calif., is meant to honor German astronomer Johannes Kepler, who divined the laws of planetary motion, as well as NASA's Kepler spacecraft that has discovered scads of new earth-sized planets around the universe. The maze is part of NASA's Space Farm 7 "mission" debuting this fall.

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