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WJLA, October 17, 2011

Visit Fly Geyser, the weirdest geologic formation on Earth

Near the town of Gerlach, Nev., lives an insanely hellish orifice in the ground called Fly Geyser. Created by a botched drilling operation in the 1960s, the geyser continuously vomits boiling water and is covered with a gooey patchwork of thermophillic algae. Hippies attending the Burning Man festival like to go stare at it... check out these photos of the Fly, and you'll understand why it's so groovy.

AAARGH! There blows something awful

The Fly Geyser is located on private property rightly protected by a padlocked gate and spike-tipped fences. The formation was created in 1916 when humans tapped the ground for a well. The well functioned fine until 1964, when another drilling attempt by a geothermic company triggered the ground to go nuclear and created this... thing.

(Photo: Wikimedia / Jeremy C. Munns/Wikimedia / Flickr Creative Commons / Various universities | Date: May. 20, 2005) of fullscreen mode

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