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WJLA, October 26, 2011

Hurricane Rina track: Does the storm's forecast take it to the U.S.?

Hurricane Rina zoomed into formation this weekend with lightning-quick speed, not to mention some plain ol' lightning. The storm, while weakening, is still bringing the lash to Cancun, Cozumel and other Mexican resort towns. But what's next? One weather model has Rina lunging for Florida. Another thinks it will head to west Cuba. See where the tempest is right now in these satellite photos and where it's likely to wander according to NOAA forecast maps. Info was captured late Wednesday evening; check with the National Hurricane Center for updates.

Rina in her fleeting glory

This satellite shot posted by the U.S. Naval Research Lab gives good clarity into the structure of Hurricane Rina. By the weekend, strong wind shear is forecast to significantly knock down the storm's strength.

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