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Wild weather forces Nissan and Hyundai dealer to discount cars by up to 40%

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Storms force Nissan and Hyundai Dealer to discount slightly damaged vehicles by up to 40%

WASHINGTON - Everyone loves getting a good deal. That saying holds especially true for car shoppers in Fredericksburg, Virginia this week, after a local car dealer made an announcement that he was selling brand new cars for up to 40 percent off the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.

Storms force Nissan and Hyundai Dealer to discount slightly damaged vehicles by up to 40%
Storms force Nissan and Hyundai Dealer to discount slightly damaged vehicles by up to 40%

That dealer is Tim Pohanka, General Manager of Pohanka Nissan and Pohanka Hyundai in Fredericksburg. In a very short time span his two dealerships, which sit side-by-side in the same parking lot, sustained major vehicle damage from two storms. First the dealerships sustained hail damage. Then they were hit shortly afterward by a microburst that skirted over the dealerships, causing wind and debris damage to over 180 vehicles. Some damage was minor, and a few vehicles received substantial body damage.

The resulting losses caused by these storms meant extreme claims with the insurance companies. And that in turn means extreme discounts for car buyers looking for a great deal. "I never expected to be hit so hard," stated Pohanka. "First the dings and dents from the hail, then the microburst. The insurance company is going crazy, and I think I may be too, after all this!"

By insurance company and bank mandates, they are being forced sell off all of these brand new Hyundais and Nissans immediately. Some of them were barely even scratched, but as part of the overall insurance claim, they all have to be discounted.

"That means we are able to deliver new vehicles at savings of up to 40 percent off the original MSRP," added Pohanka. "That’s a big discount!"

Every one of the over 160 damaged vehicles remaining has been assured of passing Virginia state safety inspections. And every vehicle, since they are still all brand new and have never been titled, comes with full warranty coverage from their respective manufacturer.

"It’s almost like pushing a button on a soda machine and getting a drink without paying for it," quipped Pohanka. "If I was looking to move into a nicer, newer vehicle without having to pay full tilt, this I where I would be looking, because there are incredible deals to be had!"

This sale and the discounts are limited to the number of in-stock vehicles remaining, and will not be repeated. "Once these vehicles are sold, the sale will end. At least until the next storm," joked Pohanka.

To take advantage of this offer visit Pohanka Nissan or Pohanka Hyundai in Fredericksburg, Virginia or Call 1-800-Pohanka. You can also start the process by going to www.SaveWithPohanka.com.

Watch Tim Pohanka's recent interview on Let's Talk Live here: http://youtu.be/Zw9IPvNcXNc?t=13s.