Alex Liggitt ABC7 Meteorologist

Alex Liggitt

Alex is the Weather Producer for the ABC7 Weather Team and has been working at the station since 2005.  He also interned for ABC7 for Doug Hill during the summer of 2004 while still in college.  He earned a meteorology degree from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. in 2005 and is an avid fan of the Wolfpack.

Growing up in Fairfax Station, Virginia, Alex grew fascinated by the weather at a young age.  He was always interested in thunderstorms but is still afraid of lightning to this very day.  He even used to make his best friend sit in his garage with him and watch storms as they rolled through the neighborhood.

You'll often see Alex out and about in Arlington, more than likely running, which is his second passion in life.  He enjoys the beach and loves his family which has now moved to southern South Carolina north of Hilton Head.

Contact Alex

Twitter: @alexliggitt
Phone: (703) 236-9313
1100 Wilson BLVD, Suite 601 Arlington, VA 22209

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