Fasia Hardy Intern

Intern, 'Let's Talk Live,' summer of 2014.

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1100 Wilson BLVD, Suite 601 Arlington, VA 22209

Recent Stories

  1. "Target America" at the Maryland Science Center

    The "Target America" exhibit is a 10,000 square foot interactive exhibit that explores the cost and consequences of illegal drugs in our society. The exhibit is on a nation-wide tour, and right now, it's at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.
  2. Cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables

    If you been to a local grocery store or farmers market lately, you've probably noticed that the produce section is overflowing with seasonal fruits and veggies.
  3. A "Tank Top Arms" Workout

    During the summer heat, the last thing you want to worry about is hiding your arms and shoulders. So if you're looking to get your arms tank top-ready, you'll definitely want to try this workout!
  4. Summer Swimsuit Trends

    Summer is in full swing and it's time to hit the beach! It can be daunting to bare it all in swimsuit, but with trends to fit any body type, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a breeze!
  5. "Carmen" at Wolf Trap

    Even if you've never been to the opera, you're probably familiar with the music from Bizet's "Carmen." This Friday, the popular opera will be performed at Wolf Trap's Filene Center.