Washington Nationals

  • The 2012 Washington Nationals: Most successful D.C. ball club in since 1933

    7/27/12 4:59 PM

    It has been 79 long seasons, some during which D.C. didn't even have a baseball team, since the District boasted such a winning club. On Thursday, the Nationals became the first Washington team to go 20 games over .500 since 1933. Here's what the world was like then.

  • Nationals Spring Training 2012: Great horned owl nests at Viera ballpark

    3/12/12 11:07 AM

    The Nationals seem to have a new fan down in Viera at Spring Training, and this one is federally protected. A great horned owl has decided to nest at the Nationals Spring Training facility.

  • Nats help out area food pantry

    11/21/11 8:39 PM Comment

    The Washington Nationals are helping a local group send Thanksgiving meals to the area’s needy.

  • Washington Nationals have high expectations for 2012

    9/30/11 3:05 PM Comment

    The Nationals finished the 2011 season on a remarkably high note, winning eight of their last 10 games, and ending just one loss under .500 (they only played 161 games). After a finish like that, there's nothing left but to make grand predictions for next season!

  • Washington Nationals won't get to .500

    9/28/11 10:05 AM Comment

    It was a dream, perhaps, that the Washington Nationals would finish the season over .500 after an impressive run earlier this month. But after a 3-2 loss to the Florida Marlins in crushing walk-off fashion. The Nationals do have something going for them: They're guaranteed a third-place finish in the division.

  • Jayson Werth tries to help Teddy win presidents' race, but wins it himself (video)

    9/26/11 2:23 PM Comment

    You can't count on wins or home runs or even RBIs, but rest assured that if you attend a Washington Nationals game, you'll see Teddy Roosevelt lose the presidents' race. It's become the twist that makes the race different than any other themed race in baseball. But this weekend, Nats players decided they were tired of seeing Teddy lose.

  • Washington Nationals sweep Phillies, could reach .500

    9/23/11 9:14 AM Comment

    We know that, with the football season having started, you're probably not paying much attention to the Nationals, but you should be. They are, dare we say, looking like a very good ballclub.

  • John Wall's first pitch at Nationals Park was third-worst ever, says Mancave Daily

    9/13/11 3:01 PM Comment

    The sight of John Wall standing on top of the pitcher's mound at Nationals Park after an incredible rookie season is one that we'll never forget. Unfortunately, we'll never forget it because Wall spiked the ball a few feet in front of him. The rest of the world may not let us forget it, either.

  • Nationals rookies dressed up as smurfs (photo)

    9/12/11 11:27 AM Comment

    The Washington Nationals were a bit blue yesterday, but it had nothing to do with their performance. Following an 8-2 win over Houston, the team's rookies (from this year and last) were subjected to an innocent hazing ritual: They had to dress as Smurfs on their trip to New York. Stephen Strasburg was a stoic Papa Smurf, and Wilson Ramos was a very flirtatious Smurfette. So now we know where the ballclub's politics lie.

  • Bryce Harper will miss Harrisburg playoffs, but not fall league

    9/8/11 3:33 PM Comment

    The last time we saw Bryce Harper playing for the Harrisburg Senators — and by "saw" we mean "read about" — he was being helped off the field after straining his right hamstring in a game against the Akron Aeros. That, indeed, is the last we'll see of him this season.

  • Stephen Strasburg's return shows Nationals pitcher's new approach

    9/7/11 8:58 AM Comment

    Stephen Strasburg came back last night, and it was almost as if he never left. In his first major league start since Tommy John surgery last year, the Washington Nationals pitcher allowed only two hits in five shutout innings of work. There was one difference, though: He may no longer be a flame-thrower.

  • Washington Nationals coupons and the Great Beer Scam of Sept. 2, 2011

    9/6/11 3:37 PM Comment

    Last Friday, the Post ran a two-page advertisement for the Washington Nationals that wrapped around the sports section and contained eight coupons for food and drinks during the Labor Day weekend homestand. The two offers for that night's game, which I'd already decided to attend: two-for-one hot dogs, and half-price Miller Light drafts.

  • Stephen Strasburg's final rehab start clinches division for Harrisburg

    9/3/11 12:28 AM Comment

    If you're a Class AA baseball club, and need a win to clinch a division title, you can't do much better than putting Stephen Strasburg on the mound. In his last rehab start before returning to the majors on Tuesday, he took a perfect game into the fifth inning, when he hit a batter, and reached 99 mph on the gun. Final line: six scoreless innings, 4 K's, one hit allowed, no walks. Oh, and the Harrisburg Senators won 10-0, and now enter the playoffs without their ace. Sorry!

  • Stephen Strasburg's rehab start could clinch division title for Harrisburg Senators

    9/2/11 11:03 AM Comment

    In Stephen Strasburg's final start before his return to the Nationals, he'll have a chance to do something that the major-league club hasn't done since the team moved here in 2005: clinch a division title. OK, it's not likely that Strasburg — who has a collegiate no-hitter and a 23-strikeout game and two starts in the 2008 Olympics under his belt — will be popping the bubbly over this one, but still, at least someone in the Nats organization gets to celebrate something.

  • Ted Leonsis: Washington Nationals will win NL East 'in the next few years'

    8/31/11 6:05 PM Comment

    The Washington Nationals may not have the nicest or largest fan base in the NL East, but they certainly do have one powerful booster in Ted Leonsis. He says he's excited to see Stephen Strasburg return on Sept. 6, and is buying the Nats. Not actually buying them, mind you; he just believes in them. (Sorry for any confusion!)

  • Washington Nationals beer vendor saves choking teen's life

    8/31/11 3:37 PM Comment

    Last month, a teen attending a Washington Nationals game started choking on his food, to the point of turning pale. Standing nearby was beer vendor Emmanuel Marlow, who'd never performed the Heimlich Maneuver before; he'd only seen it done on TV. But that didn't stop him from giving it a shot, and successfully dislodging the food on the third try.

  • Nationals' 'Air Screech' debuted last night, to crickets

    8/26/11 10:03 AM Comment

    Were you at the Nationals game last night? If not, you missed the first — and hopefully last — appearance by the "alter ego" of Screech, the Washington Nationals mascot. The giant, inflatable Air Screech got "no reaction whatsoever" from the fans, according to one WJLA employee who was there. The video below confirms as much; you can hear perhaps one person laugh, once.

  • Stephen Strasburg's return to Nationals might be Sept. 6

    8/25/11 5:08 PM Comment

    Stephen Strasburg has been continuing his rehab in a quiet manner, with little fanfare (just kidding). But the stars are lining up, and after four more starts, Strasmas may be ready to go at the major league level. Mark your flag football league calendars now: Strasburg might return on Sept. 6.

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