• Clarks study shows kids prefer crafts over pricey toys

    10/18/13 11:33 AM

    Listen up parents! There's no need to spend tons of money on video games. According to a new study, kids prefer crafty projects over pricey gadgets and toys. 


  • Planning a slumber party for kids

    4/12/13 3:37 PM Comment

    Professional organizer Rachel Strisik came on the show to talk about fun activities to plan for your child's slumber party.

  • Choosing a summer camp for your kids

    1/10/13 12:27 PM Comment

    Winter break may have just wrapped up, but it's already time for you to think about what your kids will do for summer vacation. Jamie Ratner, the CEO of Certifikid, sat down with Melanie to talk about enrolling your kids in summer camp.

  • Winter activities for kids

    12/28/12 1:25 PM Comment

    Amy Miller, the founder of, came on the show today to talk about kid-friendly activities to take advantage of in our area.